Valentine’s day, let the other half has cool feeling table

        Valentine’s day, let the other half has cool "table" love watches brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches now watch has already gone beyond the simple timing function, the watch is more a symbol of quality. A personality of watches, shows men’s unique temperament and demeanor, decorative lady wrist, foil their overall temperament. Valentine’s day in the eyes Oh, have a look the most fashionable season table is what? What are you loving "table" feeling? Hurry up,, the other half choose a fashion watches. "Table" the sentiment color rich and colorful autumn and winter this year, men’s watch dial with gold, yellow, black, white, gold is the most popular Coffee. Strap began to pop from genuine leather strap, Leather Watchband than more metal strap the man taste, surface rose gold is more popular this year the trend of men’s watch. The reporter sees SEIKO brand Premier is a fashion watches, it has super touch and youthful charm. What is special is that it can automatically enter the state saving, turning to save energy automatically stops the dial pointer, keep watch the internal timing function. Within 4 years, any time shaking watch, the pointer can be activated, pointing to the current moment. Genre: fashion watches for the crowd: watch the player, business man "table" love style to sports sunshine big boy or like running, playing basketball, football, or like to take risks everywhere, such as mountain climbing, sailing, racing, extreme sports, etc.. They watch not only fashion generous, more powerful. Sports series, complete function watches the most suitable for their needs for quality. CASIO (CASIO) the heavy series concern. For FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 commemorated the global sports event, CASIO specially made this a world cup commemorative watch. This series of watches full table made of stainless steel refining, enjoy deduction is aesthetic model of motion, design Ambilight, visual aesthetic very smooth, neat lines design allows you to display a gentleman demeanor gestures. A silvery white, cool black, flashing blue dial three options, three disc six needle design, configuration 100 meters waterproof, stopwatch functions. Genre: movement table for the crowd: like sports,, adventure man wrist full of fun is different with men, MM is not big to the mechanical movement, Tourbillon and other interests, but never ignore the watch design. Being the girls standing to SWATCH, CASIO counter always looked again! Diverse styles wristwatch counter, mix a little color and fur, with a plastic belt, stunning! The Tongqu full of the several, pink and fluffy feeling, and nylon belt and rubber material, let the cupboard "table" feeling very lovely and warm. There are cartoon children and abstract patterns, but also the elastic plastic, steel materials shiny, is full of Tong Qu, and fully reflect the ultimate plastic material. In a word, this kind of surface color, shape unique shock…… Genre: Playful table for the crowd: Jiaoqiao lovely.