How to operate the machine

        how to operate the machine? Answer: A, mechanical watches the instructions: M0: thread the screwing position 0: manual winding position (along the direction of rotation to 1 weeks): smooth adjustment clockwise to counterclockwise rotation, reverse adjust the date of the

how to operate the machine?

A,, mechanical watches instructions: "M0": "the 0 thread screwing position": manual winding position (along the direction of rotation to "1" position): adjust the week clockwise to clockwise, counterclockwise rotation of the adjustment date. "2": rotating the adjustment minute attention: 1, single calendar movement not week function. 2, a calendar is the turn from "1" "2" position orientation driven process to adjust the date, pulling an adjustment time.

setting time: 1, the counterclockwise rotation of the lifting rope tight state, when the pop-up, will turn out to the "2" bit.

2, rotate to adjust the hour and minute hands (as most mechanical watch movement without a second stopping mechanism cannot stop second). In order to ensure the accurate time setting, the first minute adjustment to the slightly before the 5 minute position, counterclockwise rotation of the need to set the time position and then to the. No fake sutt

3, adjusting the hour hand and the minute hand,breitling watch, compared to standard time back to normal position "0" bit and clockwise to the cable tight.

4, adjusted clockwise time slow dial date and week function, it should first adjust the time to adjust the date and day of the week.

5, under normal circumstances, watches date and week adjustment is 21:00-3:00 in the wee hours. The first date conversion weeks after conversion, the conversion time is about 3 hours. In the adjustment if unable to confirm the operation according to the following method: in the "2" bit) clockwise turn, when the needle point to between 12 and 3 time, date and week change corresponds to 12 at night is the 24 o’clock, otherwise the corresponding to at twelve o’clock.

set date and week

1, will turn out to the "1" bit, clockwise rotation can quickly adjust the counterclockwise rotation of the week,, can quickly adjust the date. After adjustment will put back to the "0" position and hold the direction of M0 is screwed into the.

2, 21:00- in the evening at 5:00 don’t set the date, week, or the date or not in the correct operation of the week. If you need this time to adjust,, the time to adjust to the restricted area outside the time period and then adjusted, after adjusting the time adjustment is >