Christmas orders minus watch jewelry industry stock fell 5%

        Christmas orders minus watch jewelry industry stock fell 5% watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Replica watches price, quartz watches, sapphire watch Christmas orders is one of the important sources of income exporters every year,, but in the overseas buyers unknown future, Christmas products this year’s procurement to conservative. According to toys, watches and jewelry industry estimates, this year Christmas orders than last year fell 5% to 30%; in the jewelry industry is serious, or material up to 30%. The Hongkong jewelry manufacturers’ former chairman Wu Hongbin frankly, the financial impact of the tsunami, American buyers will greatly reduced,, this year Christmas orders tumbled 20% to 30%. Buyers not only to manufacturers to keep price down 5% to 10%, partial payment period is extended to 90 days, many manufacturers. Manufacturers prefer less orders, also do not want to "white do". Manufacturers fear "white" rather than the single Hongkong watch manufacturers before President Liu Zhanhao said, overseas buyers are very conservative, is almost "the number of goods sold to fill the number of goods". Christmas orders had agreed in 5 to June this year,breitling watches, but many buyers to purchase the current drag. He expected, the Hongkong watch exports will fall by 5% this year. Toys and garments industry because it is Christmas popular products, the industry believes that the decline is only 5%, but only stores selling products can. The industry have pointed out, the basic No one shows any interest in export prices to more than $50 worth of goods, 10 to $20; on the contrary, the most popular products, Christmas this year, that will be the world of cheap goods.