ST Dupont lighter

        ST Dupont lighter watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch Simon Tissot-Dupont founded ST Dupont in 1872, focused on the manufacture of high quality leather and bag. In 1920, he will ST Dupont to his two sons, Lucien and Andre, the senior travel box and accessories as the main product, the ST Dupont international reputation. But in the 40’s, due to the world wars, in order to solve the customer continuously reduced and material shortages,, Andre proposed to make gasoline lighter, lighter S.T.Dupont’s first patented in 1941,Replica watches, ST Dupont lighter quickly fame, lighter eventually become the leading product ST Dupont. Rectangular lighter beautiful shape, size design size fits the finger movements, when turned on will be issued a crisp " and " a sound, gradually become a status like syndrome, ST Dupont became the world famous lighter manufacturers. ST Dupont lighter started enamel on shell with a layer of very beautiful.