Athens — the perfect time of deduction

        Athens — perfect time players watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,Replica watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch founder Ulysses · Athens (Ulysse Nardin) was founded in 1846 at the time the Swiss found from 1846 up to now, Athens table has gone through the 1.5 century Switzerland, as one of the top ten lists of the Athens table, in the long term background, superb tabulation process and the ability of innovation, has become synonymous with the Athens table. Committed to watch technology breakthrough and creative flow like water, it is the main spiritual elements of brand value and Classical Athens table tabulation technology. The nineteenth Century Athens table was founded in marine power era (1846), such a special background, have more than 150 years long history of Athens table and navigation table forges the indissoluble bound. In the era of sea power, courage and perseverance was still unable to resist in the ocean lost fear, navigators in addition to rely on the sun and horizontal line to identify air outwards, need most is an absolutely accurate astronomical clock, computing navigational orientation to. And is known for its precise function of Athens nautical astronomical clock, can be calculated up to half a second, accurate calculation of longitude and latitude ships at sea. Athens table since the 1878 ad in bags astronomical and nautical astronomical clock in Paris World Expo won the gold medal, through a variety of temperature extremes in the harsh environment test, to lay one the leading position in the navigation table field, in more than 50 countries designated Athens air sea Observatory chronometer apparatus for naval fleet professional. Today, no tabulation in the field and put on a par with other brands to Athens, become one of the ten famous table factory now globally recognized, Athens table by virtue of not flashy advertising or marketing, but solid skills and flexible creative. Athens table skilled craftsmen are the compass and Planetarium function to watch, and these are sufficient for mechanical watches the world of the future lay a solid foundation. Condensation time gathering of talents treasure as the leader in the field of complex table in the Athens table, the world for its ability to development of complex movement always give unreserved admiration. Navigation clock is the key to success on the international stage in Athens, rebuilt in 1983 Athens table factory at the beginning of President Snyder from the first marine chronometer,, straight past navigation clock harmonious arrangement into the facial disc design. Through Athens table solid skills and flexible creative, will most of the Athenian spirit nautical tables to become an independent school of modern feeling, also meet the practical demand of nostalgia and. But Athens is not complacent, the dominant genius tabulation division champions under President Bill Clinton, from "astronomical Trilogy", "Gen Gi Khan", "Freak" to "Sonata ring", each is a crystallization of top creative and technology table altar,breitling watches, international award-winning. Athens table has launched his GIGANTE Observatory watch shows it has always adhered to the business philosophy. Renaissance art master Michelangelo, just as the creative philosophy of watchmaking, into the