Waterproof OMEGA drops a grain of another

        waterproof OMEGA drops a grain of another name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,www.timeonhere.com, sapphire watch Wenzhou news yesterday afternoon, Yueqing Evening News: Miss Lin to reflect her in five urban Ma Jie in the watch shop spent 18492 yuan to buy a OMEGA quartz watch, the use of more than 3 months, appeared to watch the problem of water. But the businessman says, the waterproof function of this watch is good, is not water vapor.   Miss Lin took out a OMEGA quartz watch, the inner side of the surface condensation of many small beads, making the surface. Miss Lin said, the OMEGA watch was in January 17th of this year, her husband gave her a token of love, she always wear carefully. In late April 16th, she as usual, take a shower when conveniently took the watch off, put in the sink, bath will watch to wear. The second day early in the morning, she found water watch. Miss Lin this form of product qualification card marked with waterproof performance to the depth of 30 meters. Miss Lin thinks,http://www.timesaleon.com, this shows that she buy is a completely waterproof watches, watches are now the water quality problems, requirements in watch shop for her a new table. Therefore, in the watch shop Pan by explain say, Miss Lin buy watches has waterproof function, but can not guarantee that water vapor, because water vapor molecules is much smaller than the water molecules,breitling watch, water line to break the table, take a shower when put in the bathroom, it is easy to water vapor into the table inside, so the best watch to avoid contact with water vapor. Miss Lin watches with their detection, waterproof function is good, this problem may be caused by improper use of her, not the table itself quality problems. For in the watch shop explanation,www.24shop4u.com, Miss Lin cannot accept, said OMEGA’s instructions not to remind customers should pay attention to water vapor, that dealers so that she could not understand. Later, Miss Lin to Wuma and complaints, after coordination, Miss Lin said the first watch repair, such as quality problems occur again, she will retain the right to appeal.