Raymond Lam and Ernest Borel love

        Raymond Lam and Ernest Borel love watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Replica watches free shipping, quartz watches, sapphire watches Raymond Lam: men need to have a Borel watch   in 2009, the famous Swiss watch brand Ernest Borel (Ernest  Borel) officially announced: the Asia Pacific region the famous artist Mr. Raymond Lam to join the big family of Borel, become a new term of male voice, and current spokeswoman miss Angie Chiu to promote the brand essence of romantic culture. They convey the same meaning — romantic, elegant and Borel brand.   Raymond Lam made a number of encouraging achievements in 08 years,Replica watch, including [2008 China fashion award year avenue of stars Fashion Figures],] TV male role and television [Popularity Award] and [my favorite two awards, confirms Raymond Lam always pay efforts, he told the dedicated pursuit of the ideal.   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam   even before Raymond Lam became the Borel spokesman,www.chronoonhere.com, has been collecting Borel watches, he see the romantic story behind the brand connotation and each watch. Many of my friends are concerned about Raymond Lam’s love life, Raymond Lam felt itself is also a romantic person, so can the romantic roles in TV series played most incisive, and Borel watch style delicate, easy to match, whether for business occasions or sports and leisure, can meet the requirements.   they do not know in the play so romantic Raymond Lam, has so far only been in love once, the love process lasted only a year, said he not know read school girl thought for girls, delicate thoughts also unpredictable. The Raymond Lam energy is concentrated in the work, for the romantic, he has his own understanding of "romantic love can be, to understand the love of the mind, to create a good mood, this is as long as the heart can do".   punctuality is very important for artists, so watch is equipped with the necessary Raymond Lam, asked after my girlfriend first gift is what, Raymond Lam said will watch, and would choose a Borel, because the watch can record the moment two people,Replica watches for sale, also hope to convey the romantic life, positive Borel attitude to her, holding your hand, and grow old with you.   Borel image spokesperson: Raymond Lam