Fashion without losing the match vehicle and elegant watches

        fashion without losing elegance match car and watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   cars and watches is the man heart love since ancient times, their origins can be traced back to the invention of the car even more than a hundred years ago at the beginning of. In recent years, the automobile brand and watch brand to cars and watches launched more meet the eye everywhere. Car and watch it on the mechanical and perfect, has become a fatal temptation every man’s heart. TAG Heuer F1 (Formula 1)       since 1986,, TAG Heuer launched F1 (Formula 1) series. 1992 to 2003 is designated as F1 champions official Chronograph; 1985 was designated as all the Mckellen F1 team official time table. Since the beginning of 1950 witnessed the first F1 Grand Prix, TAG Heuer has been in this long praise famous sports occupy a commanding position.       traces the history of the       one thousand mile race once a year across Italy ancient Tuscan Valley (Mille Miglia), not only is the world’s largest antique vintage car race, and nobles full flavor, laughing all the way, rose flowers and ancient Rome historical landmarks associated,, many celebrities participation, to attract the attention of many passers-by. In many contestants, Xiao Bangbiao’s boss, Xue Fole (Scheufele) and his children is somewhat special, because they are not only the event sponsors, and every year launched a "one thousand mile" watch. These tables for the vintage car enthusiasts to buy more than, in the global table stores also have a few only displayed in the cabinet. Similarly, Rainbow table "(Gerd-Rudiger Lang), the boss of a twentieth Century five, the sixty’s manufacturing antique Jaguar vintage car enthusiasts, to the famous Swiss Clausen (Klausen Race) road race, also launched a series of watch Clausen. By their cost is not a small personal hobbies, develop a lucrative series products, could not help but impressed their shrewdness. Audemars Pigeut Millennium MC12 Tourbillon chronograph, the launch of the   with the Italy automobile brand Martha Lahti MC12 Limited car;     in fact, the second half of the nineteenth Century, the car just in the invention,, once is Europe and the United States have leisure people. These people driving around in the game all day,, can accurately record the seconds, even 1/10 seconds watch naturally become their tools. With the increase of vehicle velocity, vehicle competition is becoming increasingly fierce, slowly took out his watch time seems unlikely, the most fashionable racers begin to chart strapped on wrist, occasionally glancing. Watch it spread out from the car hand, pay attention to the efficiency of the military thought.