The Swiss Longines watches (map)

        Longines Swiss watches (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches a climate in which it shows amorous feelings. In 1832 the Swiss Auguste · Agassi began to operate in the clock business in Saint-Imier, and later his nephew Egyptian Nestor · Franci Jung continued to expand the business, and in 1866 in the Swiss LesLongines opened a workshops. In 1867 Franci Jung registered "Longines" company, Longines the official birth of the brand, the same year the first Longines watch movement L20A available. From 1867 onwards,Hublot watches, each wing are carved Longines hourglass sign. In 1880, Longines officially became a registered trademark in Switzerland, it is also in the Swiss watch industry is one of the oldest trademark. In 1885, Longines win the first award in the Antwerp international exhibition. Since then Longines table to obtain a series of international awards, including a record 10 times successively obtained the Prix de Greenwich record. Entered in twentieth Century, gradually replace the watch pocket watch. In 1905, Longines produced the first mechanical watch, launched in 1912 and square watch given a very innovative spirit, the geometry design elegant introduction of watchmaking. Held in Basel in 1912, the Swiss Federal games, Longines to become the world’s first launch of automatic timer watchmaker. In 1920, Longines for the design and manufacturing of clocks and watches products have handy, the new art deco style won market reputably, become elegant in lieu of Longines has geometry design concept. In 1927, aviator Charles · Lin Bai’s first New York to Paris across the Atlantic non-stop flight record, he used the timer is Longines. Later, Lin Bai, especially for Longines designed a timer,, it is the embryonic form of the Longines navigation watch. By the 1930’s, Longines has become a necessary device of some famous explorer. The outbreak of the Second World War, once so that the table Longines business development is blocked, but post-war Longines quickly restored the vitality. In 1945, Longines produced the L22A movement,, declared Automatic Mens movement it is born. In 1956, with the 14.16 core production, Longines automatic women’s parts available. In 1950, Longines launched a series of publicity activities form innovation, emphasizing the combination of science and elegant, noble, elegant and highlight their meticulous style. The 1970’s fashion quartz watch completely changed the whole watchmaking, Swiss designer and craftsman entered a period of adjustment. In order to consolidate the high-end watch market,, they created watch technology and design of extraordinary, Longines table designer also won a watchmaking international awards. Longines uses the vibration characteristics of quartz watch display jump word, made the world’s first use of LCD watch. In 1979, Longines launched the thickness of only 1.98 mm of the world’s thinnest watch, the secret lies in the quartz movement will be embedded in the casing. In 1984, Longines launched Con.