Rolex Tudor store opening

        Rolex Tudor watches brand stores opened, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches the world’s top watch brand Rolex, as everyone knows, today at the Shanghai new world opened. The store is located in Hubin Road business world center, No. 222, near Huaihailu Road, adjacent to the new world. As wealth and cultural mastery of the enterprise space center, has become a new landmark of Shanghai fashion, fashion upstart enjoy the elegant life, choose the preferred shopping lots of diamonds, the considerable popularity for Rolex Tudor store opened accumulation. Rolex Tudor store covers an area of about 400 square meters,, the introduction of the Rolex store covers almost every series of watches, enough to cater to different demand and choice of high taste people. The Rolex Tudor store is now China (including Hongkong) the largest scale, the most complete of different styles of the store. Taking the crown as a symbol of Rolex, not only has a long history, and excellent quality, consumers see it as a unique investment value and among the Swiss watches maintained leading position. The generation respected watchmaking tradition makes countless love table to the people love. Rolex has always attached great importance to the Oriental market, so early in China, and become a classic brand make known to every family. With the China demand for watches market continues to increase, greatly improve the Chinese people to the high consumption ability, China is becoming many watches attention of. Is Rolex Tudor Shop in Shanghai, Rolex and Hongkong name watch group into the create results. Hongkong Yi Jin Lee Group is a manufacturing, distribution and retailers watch industry leading, whose business involves manufacturing,Finest watches, distribution and retail franchise and free brand watches, and after sale service. Group for many international brand design, manufacturing, distribution and retail timepiece, major markets including America,, Chinese, Europe and other Asian countries. With into the group’s strong when the retail network and watches watches retail joint venture Peace Mark Tourneau, the group in the Greater China region of the high-grade and high-end watch market enjoys a leading position. Consumer groups positioning in the mature taste, appreciation of watches, dare to self affirmation of success,Vacheron Constantin watches, which is in line with Rolex to follow in the domestic business philosophy. While Rolex Tudor stores will also for Shanghai and even the national consumers supreme watches quality and first-class service. I believe that Rolex, because it is worth having!