The new jewelry Mens Watch CHANEL shop

        Peter Marino presided by New York architects the world famous,Replica watches, shop area is 1184 square feet, inspired by Ms. Chanel rue Cambon apartment in Paris and thus located at 18 Place Vendome jewelry watches flagship store. In gold and black confrontation than the room

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          Peter Marino presided by New York architects the world famous,, shop area is 1184 square feet, inspired by Ms. Chanel rue Cambon apartment in Paris and thus located at 18 Place Vendome jewelry watches flagship store. In gold and black confrontation than indoor space, with luxurious and comfortable atmosphere; and by hand grinding modified texture, distribution of strong sense of modern art, to develop the brand heritage crafts in the pursuit of happiness. The shop is equipped with Goossens handmade crystal chandeliers – Goossens is the famous Paris metal accessories factory, over the past 50 years for the fashion and luxury clothing brand creation of elementary jewelry, perfume bottles and related accessories. From the Joseph Stashkevetch writer, taking Camellia as the theme of the work of art of Camellia CHANEL brand is the symbol of the flower,, and the micro observation to 52 American artist known, capture the essence of this flower,Replica watches for sale, painting a perfect flawless paintings. The shop and retro French fireplace and designed by Peter Marino paravent screen.  

            to celebrate the opening of Wynn Macau Hotel Wanli building, CHANEL created a special edition J12 men’s watch – J12 Casino. The men’s watch with black two high-tech ceramic version, and each color has a studded with trapezoid cut diamond bezel selection. Two lucky signs with white and the number 8 on the surface. The bottom watchcase sapphire crystal is a Russian roulette, in addition to black and white small lattice, which have an engraved 8 words white lattice; disc with steel ball can slide into the lucky number lattice, make this watch has become the mascot of true.  

[watch] metal strap maintenance and maintenance of the road

        easy scratches impinge or improperly touched, 3 karat gold material strap because soft material. In addition, in the life of the traffic exhaust,Replica watch, swimming pool chlorine or human sweat will make gold surface discoloration. Let the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear placement, and prides itself on highEasy scratches,  

hit or improperly touched;     3 karat gold material strap because soft material. In addition, in the life of the traffic exhaust, swimming pool chlorine or human sweat will make gold surface discoloration. Let the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear placement, and advertised high hardness of titanium metal or high-tech ceramic table, also must pay attention to avoid collision or fall, after all the hard does not mean carry all before one.

for the whole only watch,         many people. Strap received attention are often less than the movement, but in fact the strap watch wearing "is one of the most important part of. Strap in general is divided into metal strap and belt, wherein the metal strap for durable and unique metallic luster become numerous table fans preferred, but if the improper maintenance, easy maintenance with metal strap known but will make you appearance greatly reduced.

flat smooth watchband is many fan favorites,         1 have to do scratch? Bright light show charming color of god. But it is also because the proud character, as long as the strap has appeared on a scratch, whole table appears pale many. What should you do when you have a scratch? You can buy to watch for "wipe the table cloth" or magic cloth) to wipe,, if not deep scratches can be removed, or wait until the regular maintenance by the maintenance of master a clean-up, but if the injured heavier then must pay by the master processing   


can take a soft bristled toothbrush toothpaste or cleaning brush some light strap and joint, stained with         2 Strap crack with dirt how do? Watchband wearing long accumulation in the table section joints or the belt surface by the sweat and dirt mixed sludge will greatly influence the appearance of a watch. When this occurs. Then rinse with water, after wiping the hair dryer to flannel available will strap dry. In addition, K gold watch to wear for a long time due to oxidation and discoloration,, in addition to the master processing, can also be used powder cleaning, the effect will make you satisfied. Jewelry table, in addition to consumers should pay attention to whether the diamonds there are signs of loosening, you also can use a toothbrush with salad De Qing >

Large + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights

        super + ceramic radar brand new this year two highlights the brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, 2006 Basel international watch and Jewellery Show sapphire watches have recently in Swiss Basel falls next heavy curtain. It is reported, the radar continues to introduce multiple new watches in the current exhibition. Large watches and high-tech ceramic material continues to be the biggest bright spot of the new radar, and these latest watches will be listed in the domestic. Sapphire crystal cover the Silver Diamond super oversized mechanical watches drilling super large series of successful in silver, radar and introduced new silver drill mechanical watches. Transparent sapphire crystal cover another perspective, automatic movement take in everything in a glance. Case and bracelet used is not easy to wear high-tech ceramic material shine more brightly, complemented with observation window, the entire watch delicate fresh. The precision ceramics "chronometer" really drill series new Rado precision ceramic "chronometer" really drill series, platinum watchcase clear-cut, inlaid with 24 diamonds, shining. Robust design without losing the mellow, and preparation for fashionable ladies tailor. Dial has three kinds of gorgeous color options,Replica watches, respectively is the unrestrained jujube red, passionate and fashionable white pine green. White diamond edge and is made up by Arabia digital platinum gold — 12 point, 4 point and 8 point scale and pointer. The precision ceramics really drill series limited edition color layout, the passion, it is love at first sight,, this is the Rado latest masterpiece — precision ceramic really drill purple passion series (Integral  Jubilé "Purple-Passion") character. The watch table section consists of color made of high-tech ceramics, comfortable to wear. As with other styles of precision ceramic series, one streamlined design high-tech materials and chain delicate,Ap watches, it feels light and smooth. And high-tech ceramics can ensure that the "beautiful shiny purple passion" is not the time to wear. Sapphire crystal mirror protection seamless combination with a case, and the metal coating decorative crystal mirror color coordinated to highlight the whole watches the bright lines. Dial four diamond distribution on the soft matte silver background, and forty small diamonds in the case on both sides of the scintillation crystal. Also equipped with a medium style calendar window display. Limited edition series is available in two sizes: small (limited edition of 700 pieces) and m (limited edition of 300). RADO.TRUE I really new series RADO.TRUE me series of pure beauty and innovation of material perfect fusion, is the epitome of cutting-edge technology and outstanding shape, made of high-tech ceramics by perfect. In the creation process of RADO.TRUE,aphublot, radar table successfully for high-tech ceramics using opened two new technologies: high tech ceramics Satin matte and decorative patterns, is the world’s first. The circle is the infinite and eternal symbol of the new RADO.TRUE watch series is round. Ceramic bracelet seamless combination of ceramic case and delicate articulated, durable properties of ceramic materials;

Comment five Swiss watches

        reviews five Swiss watch brand watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watch sapphire watches famous product in both men and women, general and elegant, taste, cultivation associate together. OMEGA will make you think of the movie "007" in the James · Bond inadvertently in the afternoon Coffee store in the wrist at a glance; Longines is a graceful and elegant beautiful lady Tuosai smile…… Blancpain table lady bird from the 50’s, Blancpain is devoted to watch the highest realm — slim and exact no horse fashion show. In 1956, the world’s first postage "Lady Bird" emerge as the times require. Taking the design of contemporary smallest, caused the altar table shock. Today, Blancpain produce Yi see slim second generation "Lady Bird" and "Lady Bird automatic chain". Elegant round case, rose gold, gold or platinum casting and become, and manually mounted. Automatic chain device for the world’s most subtle. Plum table universe universe diving table made of stainless steel, with fine grinding and fine grinding surface, add radiance to each other, to highlight the special control effect. Watch assembly automatic movement, not easy to wear sapphire glass and a magnifying glass, the waterproof function up to 200 meters water depth, and a spiral drill lock head. Titanium multi-functional chronograph watch is configured ETA quartz movement, including plum table quality characteristics consistent, if not easy to wear sapphire glass,, 50 meters waterproof function, titanium metal weight is light, the appearance of dynamic, full of sense of the times. Longines watch Perth olympic series of Olympic Perth (OPOSITION) series of comprehensive interpretation of harmony with extreme elements, using bright bold lines, as Longines elegant style to expand new areas and increase the avant-garde concept, particularly suited to the pursuit of self-expression young people. Perth Austrian stainless steel watch with sleek and smooth watchband,, watchcase and with arched sapphire table mirror, constitute a space streamline design the perfect fluid. Austrian Perth fine steel chronograph is in addition to 30 meters waterproof function, even sometimes, and second hand. Tissot PR100X watches PR100X analog type multifunctional Tissot launch timing and alarm and high speed back gauge function, structure combines sophisticated super Zhuo tabulation technology and the aesthetic era, the multiple functions of timing of traditional and new technologies and cooperate with each other. PR100X multi function alarm clock, not only is the world’s first put the multifunction timer alarm function in analog type, have more unique high speed back gauge function. This function is the advantage of only reduced by school button,, can automatically restore also starts a timer,, welcome and by the navigator and navigator. OMEGA constellation series OMEGA luxury jewelry from around the world gathered and precious gemstones, there are diamonds, Blaupunkt and red treasure, cutting and grinding into high quality national diamond. Finally, in order to Seiko will precious stones inlaid in gold or platinum watch. Each group of luxury jewelry series watches are in the Milky Way Galaxy constellation naming – for Ai Guilan, Rafael Benitez and cathy.

CHANEL legendary Chanel

        CHANEL legendary Chanel watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch     CHANEL is known as "the mother of the French fashion", she in the heart of the people, elegance is not only a brand,Audemars Piguet watches, is a new female confident, independent, modern logo. In August 13, 1883, Chanel was born in France to a needy family. When 12 years old mother died, his father disappeared,, she and her sister were sent to an orphanage. CHANEL tailor learning in orphanages, the tailor’s shop to work at the age of 17, where she opened her own life. At the time of the French social conservative, Chanel to simplify, launched the female students, young and rich flavor of youth with rebel outfits, which caused the agitation. Leo her talent and beauty in a body, small strong and confident, full of enthusiasm and vitality. 1910 in Paris on the streets of CAMBON, Chanel opened a shop specializing in hats. Her hat was a famous actress of France has been the favorite, so her fame, and she herself is simple and lively style also favored by the people. In the eyes of the public, Chanel is a focus on the work, strong minded woman. She started from scratch, by virtue of her extraordinary creativity and unyielding spirit to become the leading designers. Chanel has completely changed the concept of women’s dress, she advocated a "simple" concept, to subvert the prevailing fashion. Nowadays, CHANEL has become a noble fashion index, because the brand younger, and once again lead the world fashion trend. Whether handbags,, jewelry or earrings logo is a symbol of gorgeous and noble, it makes every woman want to have it. Wear and wear of CHANEL women, rather than chase fashion, rather said is in search of eternal grace. CHANEL died on 1971, aged 88. Her life is a typical Leo, full of colorful clothes, high society, admire lover constantly, but in the end still lonely self. Today, CHANEL products include: clothing, accessories and bags, shoes; cosmetics and perfumes; couture and high-level jewelry and watches.

Tudor watch official web site

        Tudor watches watches brand official website,, the Swiss watch brand,IWC watches, mechanical watches,Replica watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Hublot watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Tudor watches price / Tudor watches pictures / Tudor watches offer / Tudor watches pictures / Tudor watches forum / Tudor watches photo forum / Swiss Tudor watches price / Tudor watches price inquiry / Tudor watches all styles / Tudor watches / Tudor watch type query / Tudor watch official web site (

Cartire watches to commemorate the 100 anniversary of

        100 anniversary commemorative watch watch brand Cartire, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   Cartire (CARTIER) Santos  100 watches to commemorate the Santos  de  Cartier watch series came out 100 years,, has a super large gold and stainless steel watchcase to material made of Santos  100 watch, show thick solid design ideas,Patek Philippe, resolute and heroic,Vacheron Constantin, beyond all limits. Watchcase outer wide fixed by screws, imitate the airplane cockpit rivet, plus the dial on the fluorescent indicator, each detail is blooming with the pursuit of take one’s ease grade. This is a full of aesthetics of machinery works of art, a symbol of the spirit of the stand on one’s own. Cartire is full of modern style with the watch, explore the new world, new horizons, as time re defined,, show the spirit of adventure.  

Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand

        Panerai luxury brand FERRARI push new watch brand watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,Replica watches price, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1947,Finest watches, when the first FERRARI is produced from MARANELLO in Italy factory, all with PRANCING  HORSE FERRARI the car began to production the. Therefore a on the dial with FERRAI logo watch also need to reflect its unique excellence. For this reason, watch technology and creativity Panerai presents very Italy style to the Ferrari.   now, Panerai is still on behalf of the Italy the essence of traditional FERRARI and be of an identical nature, this brand. FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI watch appearance is strongly influenced by the aesthetic idea of FERRARI car influence, in the continuous reference engine and car body watch and details,, finished streamlined watchcase modeling become FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  focus on the exterior design of the PANERAI, especially the table ear design table frame and the bidirectional arcs of the neat. Alternate use of polishing and grinding process of velvet texture more improve the texture of the watch. The crown and the timing button used as FERRARI car dashboard button square nail pattern embossed, further revealing the FERRARI car element is FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  the main source of inspiration for the design of PANERAI.   FERRARI  ENGINEERED  BY  OFFICINE  PANERAI is a high texture and reliable performance is the first creation condition, is a typical representative in the field of top tab. As the high standard Panerai watches the same: case and strap using high technology standard materials, such as AISI  316L stainless steel or titanium alloy. If it is a precious metal,, gold or platinum are used only 18. Closed to ensure the waterproof performance of 100 meters, at the same time table glass adopts sapphire crystal materials manufacturing.   loading movement has the most important function of sports watch required: display from a single calendar to GMT two time zones (Greenwich mean time) function; to more sophisticated split second function from having two timing disk Chronograph (with double longitudinal wheel stopwatch function system to improve the adjustment device the exact performance). Movement more therefore models table has no reliable performance indisputable top tab in the field.

Hongkong SWAROVSKI limited edition watches

        SWAROVSKI Hongkong limited edition watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   to celebrate the first watch series on global issue, especially for the Hongkong market, SWAROVSKI created a limited edition watch. The "Octea Sport Hong Kong Limited Edition" to SWAROVSKI five watches theme series of one of the "Octea Sport" series is modelled. Bezel and marked Arabia digital dial is not help think of bright red flag of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, coupled with the same color rubber strap and buckle, mutual and exquisite decorative imitation crystal shine. In order to carry out the creative concept, swan logo SWAROVSKI also changed with China color red. Metal Swan design enamel bottom, with round arched sapphire glass for protection; wonderful features of SWAROVSKI, with the poetic techniques into the dial in.     "Octea Sport Hong Kong Limited Edition" fashion and elegant and exquisite technology,, and the amazing, including SWAROVSKI patent imitation crystal cutting technology, unique sculpt technique and unidirectional rotating bezel. Six cut crystal to the traditional approach is embedded in the delicate and charming dial on both sides, Swanflower carving patterns for the case back to add features embellishment. "Octea Sport Hong Kong Limited Edition" global limited edition of 99, in 2009 May, in the SWAROVSKI Hongkong designated crystal Hin exclusive.   SWAROVSKI "Octea Sport Hong Kong Limited Edition" watch with a strong Chinese color, is absolutely can not miss the wonderful creation in 2009.                 1895, bohemian inventor Daniel SWAROVSKI (Daniel Swarovski I) which have farsightedness, along with his latest invention of imitation crystal jewelry stone cutting and polishing machine, moved to Austria city taililai County of china. Since then, SWAROVSKI began to sparkle in the fashion world, more become precision cut crystal manufacturer in the world come first on the list, as fashion apparel, jewelry, lighting, architectural and interior design provides imitation crystal elements. Today, SWAROVSKI is headquartered in China still city, run by the fourth and five generation family members,, have offices in more than 120 countries, employs about 23900 people,, turnover of 2520000000 euro in 2008. The two main business enterprises SWAROVSKI, are responsible for the manufacture and.

Patek Philippe website (PATEK PHILIPPE Website)

&nbsp,tag heuer watch;       Patek Philippe website (PATEK PHILIPPE Website) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch PATEK PHILIPPE Patek Philippe official website Patek Philippe watches offer Patek Philippe watch pictures all Patek Philippe watch model Patek Philippe platinum table Patek Philippe gold watch Patek Philippe watch model     PATEK PHILIPPE; Patek Philippe official website: (PATEK PHILIPPE Websit) if you think the above information to help you, please recommend brilliant watches network to your friends, thank you. Who will accompany you for 24 hours,, the nobility, logo watch is a noble lovers have a Patek Philippe table, noble art realm and expensive materials shaping brand Patek Philippe enduring. With such a strong sense of rigorous,Replica watch, since the company since its establishment more than a century and a half, only total around 600000. Patek Philippe is praiseworthy for one’s excellent conduct,Replica watches, not because the market made a star and overcharging.