Matters needing attention in use of waterproof watches

        matters needing attention in use of waterproof watches? Swiss watch brand,, brand watches,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch           (1) waterproof rubber ring is easy to deteriorate, should change regularly, or replaced in each repair. (2) the table glass damage can make watch waterproof performance affected, there is damage to the timely replacement. (3) not in the water or watch, watch handle head operation, in order to prevent the water into the table. (4) handle head after use to push the end,, buckle handle head should pay attention to lock in the watch, don’t leave space. (5) watch with water to dry. (6) prevent chemical substances contact watches, otherwise it will affect the case and a waterproof rubber ring, reducing waterproof performance. (7) watches don’t long time placed in high temperature (ten 60 C) and low temperature (-10 DEG C) environment. (8) if the water aerosol watch appeared in,, should be promptly removed, lest parts of rust.