Louis Cartire round watch the microscopic world perfect

        Louis · Cartire round watch perfect micro world brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches legend in the ancient China in world, it is a call "chaos" of the "Circular" shape object, then, human ancestor Pangu "chaos" One divides into two. to split, separated from heaven and earth, which form our present world. Although no one knows the legend is true or false, but "circle" is indeed like a riddle of the universe: the sun, the moon,
tag heuer watches, the earth, all with a round shape, regardless of rotation, revolution, also never deviate from the circular trajectory, it is this "circle" the movement had a tremendous energy, that life is born and the continuation of. Similarly, in the nature, round also omnipresent: trees with circular rings, birds to build a circular nest, flowers with rounded fruit, swinging round wave ripples, even the four seasons, like a circle so move in circles, Chun Xiaqiu winter never change. In all geometries, the circle is a perfect representative of. Always in the middle circle, circle distance between any two must be equal. Therefore, since ancient times, people is so revered "circle", because it symbolizes the eternal law go round and begin again, life and growth in nature of the universe. In China, circle is always represents a good choice, satisfactory and lucky. In China building, technology, painting, drama and other arts, can be found in the "Circular" for the United States. In the world watch leader Cartire (CARTIER) launched the latest "Louis · Cartire wrist watch in the round", we can see the perfect. Although the classic Rome digital plus Arabia digital twenty-four hours radiate pure French style, but the harmony of the other, but very much in line with the pursuit of aesthetic Chinese "satisfactory",
http://www.timeon24.com, let us not associated with numerous and "circle" the beautiful picture. In the elegant round case,
Hublot watches for sale, and circular gear delicate rotation in diligently, leading the delicate pointer, rotate continuously in the round white dial. The watch, as if is a perfect microcosm, each component as the sun and moon and stars, extremely precise to rotation and revolution; and as the universe, according to its own rhythm cycle reciprocating, the "Circular" for the trajectory and the external universe has a resonance, as a kind of magic magic, link between nature and human, create a valuable time. Recognizing this, like wearing watch meaning is no longer the same, because, we have our own universe, we are the world. Louis · Cartire round watch pure flawless, low-key calm, has a profound cultural background, strong brand has become a huge attraction, irresistible.