2009 Citizen passion photodynamic Basel

37th Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show in 2009,
www.greatsalewatch.com, March 26-April 2, held in Basel, Switzerland, many gathered a top watch brands in the global economic environment sagging , the exhibition is more attracted wide attention. West, the world’s leading watch brands

37th Basel World Watch and Jewellery Show in 2009, March 26-April 2, held in Basel, Switzerland, many gathered a top watch brands in the global economic environment malaise, the exhibition more caused widespread concern. Leading to a new watch brand Citizen extravaganza Basel exhibition design and brings a futuristic concept of light energy products, full Citizen reflect the new brand image and future direction of development.

Citizen rich layering and modern hall became the second Baselworld visual highlights. Steady and deep black glass conveys Citizen traditional and classic, bright and rich layers of translucent glass is highlighted Citizen’s innovative spirit. In the pursuit of "technology integration with the United States,richard mille skull watch replica," at the same time, showing Citizen intellectual, passionate, innovative brand personality and spirit of the brand to the challenges of the future. Every detail is clearly revealed Citizen new direction.

In this table show, Citizen showcased three concept watch, showing only light energy technology may be realized only watch design, while highlighting innovative ideas and exquisite taste. "Eco-Drive RING", using the absorbance bezel, dial for the all-metal design, the case on the application and transparent glass design, reflecting light penetration; "Eco-Drive DOME",replica movado circa, the most widely used dial absorbance , dome-shaped dial and removable unique case structure, so this very avant-garde design sense; "Eco-Drive VITRO" absorbance using table mirror, transparent mirror on the battery cover on the table, completely invisible to the naked eye. This epoch-making technology, the dial design provides more space. Which design reflects the sense of space and clarity, float dial, Arabic numerals inside the bezel display and double needle design is amazing. ***


conceptual models, the Citizen also exhibited light energy wave form, light energy waves world time watches, ultra-complicated watches light energy, light energy, and many new diving watch. These new products are all designed to reflect the personality of the brand new Citizen and consistent innovation.

Citizen (China) General Manager Watch live Chuan Mr. Long Fu said that the long-lasting passion and intellectual progress is inherent in the essence of the Citizen brand. Nearly 90 years, the Citizen through unremitting efforts to continuously improve the integration of technology with the United States, in order to raise brand value, and laid their position in the watch industry. Citizen for their own development is a result of constantly challenging. In the current period of global economic downturn, business owners need and passion for progressive development of source of power, the only way to more intense competitive environment survival and development.

Citizen Eco-Drive is the core technology in its global markets, the light energy products has reached 80% of total sales. In China, solar-powered watch and the light energy wave form with its convenient, user-friendly features, stylish design and environmental philosophy, has become increasingly popular. ***