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        5 "potential shares" watch the value of investment watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,
Cartier watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch   a limited number, unique design, brand value and especially given commemorative significance, these are the typical characteristic limited edition. And some limited edition merchandise, more is reflected in its commemorative value. For example, the limited edition watch style is very rich, noble diamond watch, gentle business watch and handsome movement table, which gives the brand connotation of limited edition watches profound and monument to commemorate the history, some for design reasons,, some are named after famous, some for a souvenir the big event and in particular the introduction of. But the most special is, each a limited edition watch back will be engraved on the one and only number, and attach a copy of identification is sufficient to prove the identity of the limited edition watch.                         BLACNCPAIN (Bao Po)                 Lady "Lotus"             nbsp;   dedicated to the design and issuance of the Asian market, the Global Limited lady "Bao Po 138 lotus table" to break the traditional custom, designed for women. This section has the design table edge very bold and avant-garde, with a twist cable edging mother of pearl dial, natural and beautiful. Mother of pearl dial irregular original design with striking Arabia digital, to make it more scintillating, guilloche graphics is icing on the cake. The white dial inlaid Ruby bezel with red silk belt, wearing more comfortable more highlight the noble temperament.                 limit: 138                         BVLGARI (Bvlgari)               and nbsp     ASSIOMA;             the top of the Italy jewelry brand Bvlgari launched in 2006 the BASEL jewelry watches exhibition by mechanical movement of Bvlgari’s internal development and production of ASSIOMA watch. And in 2007 BASEL watch and Jewellery Show, was released this beautiful complex watch only