How is Casio Now what are the true quality of the card

        CASIO, founded by O Kazuo in April 1946, he was a proficient in the assembly of engineers. Company’s name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "Casio" "kashio",, the first product is cigarette ring, users can put the cigarette in the Lord of the rings, and he is a proficient in assembly of the Engineer in the absence of the smoke Casio company was founded in April 1946 by O Kazuo. The company’s name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "Casio" "kashio", the first product is cigarette ring, with can put the cigarette in the Lord of the rings, and when there is no ashtray, do not need to smoke get to the mouth or fingers. At the beginning of the end of World War II, cigarettes for at that time the Japanese is a kind of commodity value, therefore the Lord of the rings of cigarettes is very successful,, Casio brought the first pot of gold. In zeroth Century 70, CASIO has achieved great success in the electronics industry, CASIO ranked first in the industry of electronic calculator. In order to improve profitability, the company decided to produce watches and clocks, so that business diversification. On the surface, the electronic calculator and the clock seems to be completely different types of products, but at that time the clock industry is undergoing a technological change from mechanical to quartz. The digital clock is a quartz watch, which consists of a counter that can measure the pulse of a crystal oscillator. In other words, it is a simple, accurate, and can be used for a second. The product allows CASIO to maximize the use of its electronic calculator for the development of large-scale integrated circuit technology. This means that CASIO entered the watch industry is very natural. However, in the mid 1970s Japan watches and clocks, production and sales is closely linked, so new manufacturers to enter this market is very difficult. CASIO through unremitting efforts, and finally in October 1974 launched the electronic table CASIOTRON. This electronic table not only can display hours, minutes and seconds, also has a unique feature that automatically determine the number of days a month and the current year is a leap year. CASIOTRON launched and achieved today, CASIO (CASIO) watches have become one of the three major brands of Japanese watches, for many years,, with a truly versatile G-SHOCK watches are famous for the world. CASIO CASIO watch on behalf of the dynamic, young, stylish, multi – functional brand image has been deeply popular. CASIO (CASIO) company has always been a technology leader in the responsibility of the same year, there will be a breakthrough technology. High, refined, tip of the advanced science and technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist chronometer, constantly improve the level of development of the wrist chronometer. CASIO CASIO has been advocated by the "science and technology" spirit in China has been able to follow and spread. Casio (Casio) watches, there are two categories, one is the image of sports and leisure jump lists; a is a pointer to the table of young fashion. The seasons of the year because of seasonal changes should be launched when season features and new products, such as the annual summer and winter G-Shock and Baby-G will for summer and winter X Games limits of watch launched; dolphins and whales commemorative edition, summer coral