Casio in the end what series ah Easy to see

        see Luis live mall Casio Casio in the end many, what series? Who knows? This version does not support Chinese English translation function, if necessary,, please buy version of the charges in front of the main series,
piedo, behind each series of sub series of OCEANUSG-SHOCK points system to see Lewis Laifu mall Casio watches a lot, in the end Casio watches have what series? 有谁知道?该版本不支持汉英翻译功能,如有需要,
my-watchstore,请购买收费版前面是主系列,后面是每个系列的分系列OCEANUS G-SHOCK 分系列《电波表系列、经典系列、赛车系列、摩托系列、主题系列》 BABY-G 分系列《经典系列、Puppy小狗小猫系列、Sweet Poison系列、Theme主题系列、G-MS商务系列》 CASIO SPORT分系列《登山系列、跑步健身系列、海洋系列 EDIFICE分系列《电波表系列、Chronograph、Analogue、Dogital、Others》 SHEEN分系列《Analogue、Digital、OTHERS》 REGULAR 分系列《COMBINATION、OATA BANK、e-DATABANK、FUTURIST、LFUNC、OTHERS、SUPERLOW-END》 ANALOGUE分系列《BESIDE男装表、BESIDE女装表、DUR0200男装表、DIVER女装表、DIVER男装表、CHILD女装表、STANDARD男装表、STANDARO女装表》根据子品牌系列: 定位商务男士:EDIFICE 户外多功能系列:Casio-Sport 航海系列,防水性最好:OCEANUS 定位小女生的:Baby-G 多功能指针:G-Shock 定位淑 Woman: SHEEN general table: Regular high-end luxury table: ANALOGUE according to the function: electronic table pointer table light energy meter to wear a man: Men’s watches recommended to look at each time the u.s.!