CITIZEN watch manual download gear Taixing reducer repair and maintenance

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Taixing reducer maintenance by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment method of nursing, in order to maintain and equipment construction machinery performance and conditions of that equipment maintenance. Equipment maintenance requirements are mainly four: (1) cleaning equipment inside and outside the whole

Taixing reducer maintenance

through the cleaning, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other general methods of equipment to care, in order to maintain and equipment to construction machinery performance and technology, known as equipment maintenance. Equipment maintenance requirements are mainly four:

luxury-free-store< p > (1) inside and outside of the equipment are clean the whole mining machinery cleaning, the sliding surface, a screw rod, a rack, a gear box, oil hole and no oil, no leakage of the various parts, do not leak,, peripheral cutting debris, debris,, dirt mechanical engineer to clean; luxury-free-store,< p > Citizen Watch manual download gear Taixing reducer maintenance, (2) neat tools, accessories, workpiece (product) must be neatly placed, pipe,, line to organized; & lt; second-hand woodworking machinery BR & gt; (3) good lubrication on gas or oil, oil constantly, no phenomenon of dry friction, oil pressure is normal, standard oil of bright, clear oil oil with Tianjin Machinery requirements, nozzle, an oil cup, a clean linoleum; luxury-free-store,

(4) safety compliance with safety operation procedures, without the use of equipment, equipment and equipment to protect the safety of machinery and equipment are complete and reliable, timely elimination of unsafe factors.


equipment to maintain the contents of the general, including daily, regular, regular inspection and check the accuracy of the Hangzhou, equipment lubrication and cooling system is an important part of equipment maintenance.

luxury-free-storeThe daily maintenance and washing machine of

equipment is the basic work of equipment, and must be made and standardized. Of equipment regular maintenance work to make work quota and quota of materials consumption Fumin machinery, and according to the quota assessment, equipment, regular maintenance work should be into the workshop contracted responsibility system assessment content. Regular inspection of equipment is a planned machinery industry prevention inspection, inspection means except the human senses, but also a certain inspection tools and instruments, according to regularly check card, the regular inspection and mechanical drawing software called periodic inspection. For


Taixing speed reducer machinery and equipment should also be carried out in order to determine the accuracy of the equipment to determine the actual accuracy of the ground.


equipment shall be carried out in accordance with Qingdao mechanical regulations. Equipment specification is the equipment for the daily requirements and the implementation of the equipment, the equipment can be extended to the use of the CITIZEN machine table, safe and comfortable to work. Its main