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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the metal flavor UR-202 is by the famous manufacturer Urwerk recently launched a beyond the imagination of the watch. Simply have to say is the air through the watch back empty into behind two turbine chamber and drives it drives the table body impetus to gear and other components.

the metal flavor of UR-202 is a famous manufacturer Urwerk recently released an unimaginable watch. Simply have to say is that the air can through at the back of the watch empty into behind two turbine chamber and drives it drives the table body impetus to gear and other components, such sophisticated process although somewhat difficult to elaborate on it are presented in this paper. However, such magical function and the super man modeling people to its deeply fascinated. UR-202 can say that

luxury-free-store< p > Swiss Longines watches website Longines watches official website, Credit Suisse analyst in London TomKendall in the latest release of the London Bullion Market Association 2011 Annual analyst expensive metal prices forecast said main factors in 2010,
IWC Watches, pushing up the price of gold will continue, gold price in 2011 will reach $1490 / oz. Kendall pointed out that the weak monetary base, great changes and inflation expectations are attracting a large number of capital inflows last year…


New York on Tuesday,, the market for the safe haven to benefit from the market, because investors expect the escalation of tensions in Libya may further exacerbate the chaos in the middle east. Late Tuesday, electronic trading system show that the euro reported $1.3650, Monday late report 1.3679 of about $; dollar 82.80 yen, 83.14 yen late Monday against the; against the euro 113.07 yen, the 113.65% yen late Monday against the; pounds… luxury-free-store,

New York on Thursday, the U.S. dollar failed to maintain the momentum of rising prices in the United States after a new round of strong economic data released. The dollar fell to a seven week low against the Japanese yen, and also hit a record low against the franc. At the end of the trading session in New York,, reported $8.156 yen, late Wednesday for 81.64 yen; opening fell to $81.28 yen low, followed by economic data boosted temporarily higher. US dollar against 0.9359 francs, after a record low of 0.9…

luxury-free-store< p > Swiss Longines watches official website Wednesday in New York, francs Puzhang, the continuation of the this week against the euro rally, due to the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone is in promoting the investors are investing in hedge. Electronic trading systems show that the euro has dropped to a historic low of 1.2440 francs. The franc also rose to its highest level since October, when it reached a high of $0.9463 against the dollar. Late Wednesday, the euro / dollar reported 1.3098>