The tide of DIY and Nanjing Carnival

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the "surge" of a family of DIY and Nanjing Nanjing Carnival where to sell watches everyone’s eyes are firmly fixed on the bottom right of the screen, second look at a second time in the past. Four fifty. People began to be absent-minded, nothing to do around the pen, brush screen


" DIY and the Nanjing Carnival

Nanjing where to sell watches each person’s eyes are tightly fixed on the right corner of the computer screen, watching the time of a second of the past. Four fifty. There are people began absent-minded, nothing to do around the pen, brush screen, whole file; something to do the typing on the fly,, go to the office are a trot. Four fifty-five. There are people on the toilet, and then come back. Clean computer screen. There are impatient people began to call several invitations, going shopping is to discuss where wink and make signs to one another. Four fifty-eight. We have come up with a mobile phone watch, from time to time the clock and the corresponding time, it Is it right? Slow. Four fifty-nine! Some people have left the seat of the buttocks,, the briefcase also caught in the armpit. Mom took out the bag in the drawer of the drawer to buy food, the home of the old and small but also waiting for her to feed. Five points! All "brush" to stand up all of a sudden, line up to go to before the punch card machines punch filed out of the office, a day’s work is over. This is an ordinary company in the ordinary office workers to experience every day, which will be due to the reasons for the holiday has a little change, but the overall still won’t change. In addition to a family of office workers, has just entered the community has not been a family of men, how to spend the long night? Honestly at home do otaku? In front of the computer, TV, snacks in a daze, then looked at his tummy loudly highlights gradually lose weight? It’s not a good idea. Couch potatoes also need not fat as the capital of the ~ enroll in various classes? A day for two days can also, if a week seven day night classes, unless it is to retrieve primary school feel rejuvenated, otherwise you will painful death you. During the day and go to work for the mental work is not enough, the night would also like to listen to those so-called "Professor" who babble, put clear money zuishou ah! Nine years of compulsory education of the comrades want to come are not willing to. Since claiming to be the "tide" of a group, then it is to grasp the real "tide" skills. If you only learn a fur called themselves "trendsetter", really will be ridiculed into "ridicule". Wear layers of clothes called mix? Wear down at the foot of the foot sandals called fashion? Is not suitable for your blind Milky way can only make you in the eyes of others become funny and not fashionable. What is fashion, what is called "the tide"? Baidu Encyclopedia said that the tide has two explanations: 1, tide, tide; 2, Shion. In the special time and season was established and the prevailing or clothing and personal adornment style or a group of style. Here the "tide" of course refers to the second interpretations. Let’s look at some of the "tide" in the circle of the "tide" in the team and after work, which they have their own unique look.