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       ; CASIO CASIO (Casio) watch is one of Japan’s top three brands, for many years with a real number of functions of the G-SHOCK watches are famous for the world. CASIO (Casio) watches represent the vitality, young, fashion, multi – functional brand image has been in-depth. CASIO


CASIO (Casio) watch is one of the three major brands in Japan, for many years with a truly versatile G-SHOCK watches known in the world. CASIO (Casio) watches represent the vitality, young,, fashion, multi – functional brand image has been in-depth.


CASIO (Casio) company has always been a technology leader in the responsibility of peers, and there will be a breakthrough in technology over the years. High, refined, tip of the advanced science and technology combined with new LCD technology, properly applied to the wrist chronometer, constantly improve the level of development of the wrist chronometer — Casio (Casio) has always been the "wrist on science and technology" in China was also able to follow and.

luxury-free-store< p > Casio (Casio) watches the performance characteristics: Casio Watch has two categories, one is the image of sports and leisure jump lists; a is a pointer to the table of young fashion. The seasons of the year will be due to seasonal changes should be launched when season features and new products,, such as the annual summer and winter G-Shock and Baby-G will for summer and winter X Games limits of watch launched; dolphins and whales commemorative edition, summer coral series, puppy series, the couple of tables and so on.


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Casio manual download the EF-Edifice luxury-free-store series, all metal pointer or double


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U.S. version of the radio wave climbing table, some of the old models in the time zone in China can not function


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