How much money the French Longines watches 500101 watches how much money

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; watch the creation and production are based on a simple and clever invention, this is the "spring". It can tighten and store energy, and slowly the energy, to promote in watch device operation and pointer,, to achieve time display function and watch the< p > watches the creation and production are based on a simple and clever invention, this is the "spring". It can tighten and store energy, and slowly the energy out, spring (Mainspring) to promote in watch device operation and pointer, to achieve time display function, watch the spring device is known.


how much is the French Longines watches how much money 500101 watches how much money,, the mechanical watch. Mechanical vibration system of timing equipment, such as clocks, a clock. Its working principle is the use a constant cycle, continuous vibration of the vibration system. The vibration of the vibration period multiplied by the number of vibrations, is equal to the elapsed time and time = vibration cycle & times; the number of vibrations. By train, energy, escapement, vibration system, pointer mechanism and additional mechanism etc.. Force of a spring or a heavy hammer, when provided mechanical clock work energy, through the growth rate of the gear train that one can run continuously for several days,, the escapement to watch the clock frequency of accord with people "s concept, put the rudder or balance control the speed of the clock and timer (quarter) agencies to tell people: just now finally rang is a few the.


llsqs as the watch brand, for more than a century, Rolex has been the outstanding performance and distinguished symbol. Rolex’s headquarters is located in the world with 28 branches. Through more than 4000 countries, more than 100 table, Rolex continues its full of achievements and innovation in a long history.


1912, the Longines watch industry to create a historic moment, – the first to use the principle of breaking the line, the starting point and end of the race on the starting point and the end of the timing device. Longines has since become a number of international events designated timer, including many times in winter and the summer olympics. Longines and aviation and maritime history also forged indissoluble bound. For example, Longines flight home even pull (Lindbergh) for the first time personal across the Atlantic to calculate flight time. After more in accordance with the design of even pull manufacturing the watch Hourangle. Longines table often walk in the forefront of the development of science and technology, in 1905 declared to produce the first gold watch, made the world’s thinnest electromagnetic watches in 1960. In 1969 developed global first gold electron magnetism quartz table – Longines Ultra-Quartz super quartz watch. The following year, held in St. Moritz (St. Moritz) downhill skiing World Cup DownhillSkiingWorldCup game, Longines first to digital signal dispenser will time >

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