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level floating Tourbillon — ",;Premiè re"

this remarkable is the Renaud (Piguet Audemars) advanced R & D department & Papi (SA APRP) designers,, engineers and watch the results of the work closely together, but also two companies jointly developed the first floating type of flywheel. This is a floating type Tuo flywheel is carved into a favorite Ms. Chanel camellia flower pattern, "Premiè re watch center silently rotate in a, low-key to almost mystical. Sparkling petals and dense Diamond Flower Camellia beauty add radiance and beauty to each other, bring fine. The floating type of the flywheel rotates a circle every minute, and the petals show the passage of the second.

grade floating Tourbillon — Chanel "Premiè re",Glashuette Original Senator Watches;

< p > this medal "Camellia floating type" of the tourbillon movement installed in accordance with tailored to the case of a rectangular bottom board, dynamic storage for 40 hours. All detail decoration and chamfering, straightened and torus decorative parts were in accordance with the highest standards of luxury Swiss watchmaking tradition, with manual carefully. The hour and minute hand is mounted in the above black high-tech precision ceramic dial. This is a "Premiè re floating type Tourbillon watch size of 28.5 x 37 mm and retains the classic" Premiè re watch 19 x 26 mm in perfect proportion. The case, bezel and crown were studded with long ladder shaped diamond, round diamond or precious stones. "Premiè re" floating Tourbillon limited edition 20, each with independent number. Watch with 18K platinum to create, mosaic 101 single length of ladder shaped cut diamonds (total 5.2 karats) and 127 star brilliant cut round diamond (with a total weight of 2 carats).

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