Montblanc Nicholas Kay S series memories of carefully crafted time [map] watch auction used fashion

Nicholas: the memory of the time

< p > time Walker series of simple and neat style, drawn from modern glass and steel building design, double side anti dazzle crystal glass table mirror perspective bounteous, the layout clear Jane dial and with a narrow tables table circle and pierced ears, no excess flowers Qiao, minimalist aesthetic strokes show without involuntary discharge of urine.

flying ash, titanium lattice

< p > last year Montblanc time Walker Shuangfei Chronograph Fu debut will cause echoing altar table: Once upon a time, the assembly timing the timing of the second hand, minute hand section of the table are quite popular, later this excellent timing table varieties but star Shen Ji, because of this, Montblanc will mid timing function back to the front of the stage, a natural stone arouses 1000 waves. Last year’s version of stainless steel and titanium metal limited series of achievements, the brand this year launched the second paragraph of limited edition, GreyTech titanium grey model, technological innovation, innovative materials and unique design won a furnace, limited edition 888 pieces.

MontBlanc Nicholas series: the memory of the time

< p > nowadays, television,
Glashuette Original Watches, billboards, shop windows and magazine, it is filled with colorful decorations to show off,, more and more people of the past pure black and white world unlimited nostalgia: black and white film, black and white photographs although see shades of black, white and grey, but distributed sensual charm moving; and such as premium car brand commonly used night black or silver gray tone, although the colors departed, but called people sincerely appreciated; in the realm of the interior design, metal, glass and black leather furniture design for decades to also have countless bosom friend; pure tone, make eyes shall not be obliged to receive natural or artificial color stimulus troubles, rare at ease. The new GreyTech ash titanium model,, also has this pure visual sense of beauty.

time travelers flying ash returning from titanium chronograph is full of contemporary science and technology characteristics: silver gray matte titanium case with satin and sandblasting polishing, showing contrast pleasing texture; large dial gray shades, seven display clear distribution: including opening off the grey dial calendar, charcoal hollow hour and minute hands, large Arabia digital; crystal glass surface gray tone consistent movement perspective: dark grey rhodium plated plate parts, in stark contrast with the golden gear, blue screw and Ruby bearing; the technology for this design, strong light case materials and precision micro mechanical parts one one homing, clear to watch the home announcement, even in intelligent mobile phone get in by every opening era, subtle low-key aesthetics and practical precision timepiece features still time without fear of baptism, the value be consistent from beginning to end.

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