Most Boucheron Wrist Watch Jewelry [map] stereo owl _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific wome

called the wrist watch jewelry Boucheron stereo owl

< p > Boucheron (Boucheron) stereo owl jewelry watches and a matching purple crystal,, diamonds in 18k white gold, as well as the blue and purple sapphire, another paragraph, with 18K Rose Gold mix pink tourmaline,, powder, diamond and pink sapphire.

< p > Boucheron Boucheron craftsman owl jewelry inlaid body, designed to pure architecture,, and the five part structure cast, with micrometer accuracy closely attached to the body. As far as the structure is concerned, this watch is a heaven-made match design with HM3.

called the wrist watch jewelry Boucheron stereo owl

< p > the owl’s bright eyes, is installed in double cone master circle convex gem; bright wings wrapped HM3 precious engine. The wings to nail mosaic method (pavé set) is studded with polygonal cutting gems (brilliant-cut); full feather carved in the chest is to block purple crystal or powder carve and into. The most attractive place is the owl’s chest: the heart is beating. In fact, MB& is made of pure gold; F Tomahawk automatic molding plate in the translucent stones below vaguely swing, resulting in the beautiful illusion.

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