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Rojdu (Roger Dubuis) and get inspiration from the whims of free women, designed a new watch series. Brand hope in order to show women bold and graceful side, she is a heroine and a muse, she and diva like elegant and warm, silvery voice and graceful posture, peerless elegance. She is gentle and graceful, collect myriad dotes on, be good to hear or see. This series of extraordinary, Roger Dubuis launched the ODEs is infinite charm, talent and beauty. Watch full of women,, elegant and charming, is a symbol of wisdom and enterprising.

< p > geometric modeling of double-layer dial, tie-in logo of convex round table mirror and diamond bracelet, and delicate watchcase complement each other. Velvet series condensed the superb tabulation process, to uphold classical style and strive to break through, the beryllium Rojdu Roger Dubuis style has always been more than,, adding a unique characteristic of elements, the perfect embodiment of the feminine,, bold and unrestrained, remarkable. As the ladies watch series first watches, Velvet Rose Gold wrist watch dial decorated with dazzling fine stripes, let a person could not help but want to explore exactly and lengthening of the Roman numeral layout clever, arranged between the circular and a barrel shaped, to the unique beauty of deja vu. The first layer in the center of the dial. By drawing polishing, highlights the Rojdu Peter (Roger Dubuis) name, and outer ring forging surface grinding sun Microhyla, with black printing Roman numeral form contrast. 12 when and 6 when the position of the Rome digital is the rose gold to create a moment to attract public attention.

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