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about running string problem

< p > string running in the watch assembly and repair, the main purpose is to check, axle is reliable in axis eye, the gear alignment and meshing condition, axial lubrication, the gear face beating, axial and radial clearance gear, axle wheel tip concentricity, gear transmission, sensitivity degree. All of these can through the string running in a short period of time was observed. The gear system, which is equipped with a gear assembly, also includes the related gear, such as calendar,
Chopard Watches, calendar, and other related gear. They are slow in speed. The string should be carried out in the wind, and all the oil and the oil is finished.

on the watch running string problem

< p > there is a saying: when after the end of the string running process, if the escapement wheel or second wheel has the right amount of cyclotron, train good; I personally think, second round there is no cyclotron, or to structure movement, usually is partial center drive, and a big box’s movement prone to cyclotron, that is because a box wheel in the string running process, resulting in an inertial, when the net spring string, it still continues to rush forward, resulting in a spring core reverse deformation,
www.4usale.com, this will lead to a modest rebound torque.