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, an interpretation of enamel table

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enamel table

1, what is the enamel table?

is a simple language, or a watch dial is in the cover and back, watch inlaid with enamel craft. Investigate the enamel materials, slightly on the material science knowledge of people all know, attached to these basic ingredients of enamel on metal and porcelain objects are mainly quartz, feldspar,, borax and oxide, and daily glass belonging to the similar material. Visible material is not rare, but after a skilled craftsman and one elegant Mingyan enamel table has become a rare art Jiapin. But the enamel table boils down to the table, the table of the process is the value, enamel craft is just on the table value sublimation, if the table itself inferior without China, enamel craft exquisite also calls not to get the top grade.

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enamel table

, 2 quality factors of enamel

process: no matter what kind of enamel, fine process is of course when the elements of the first.

color: bright and full of color, can be pleasing to the color of the color of the fire.

layer: Well there will be three parts of enamel layer bottom layer and the middle layer and the transparent protective.

products: enamel is easily broken, once the damage is irreversible,Glashuette Original Watches, even a flaw can affect enamel table value.

master: the famous masters of enamel usually identified is excellent.

based color enamel white or colorless


enamel table why so expensive?< p > enamel, although the United States, but the risk is very big, all kinds of glaze drawing can not mix colors, mobility requires reasonable consideration of the glaze and firing process in the evaporation of moisture. Secondly, in the furnace after firing pattern contour is receding is the risk of enamel, but also its value. For example, when firing the uneven heating, using similar glaze may not be able to burn out the same color. And needs in the high temperature of 800 DEG C for at least more than 20 procedure is fired, every step has glazed fracture may occur, or color occurred subtle changes in risk. Therefore, a little careless, the entire production project will waste all the previous efforts. Each get a successful work, before may face several times the waste.

based color enamel is white or colorless, and a variety of other colors from the combination of different metal oxides. For example, the addition of antimony as yellow gold, gold for the red, rhodium for black, manganese for purple, cobalt blue purple, copper oxide was blue green, nickel oxide, red in the potassium content,Tag Heuer Watches, yellow green, etc..

enamel table must be manually drawn, even today, there is no machine can replace the device. Then skilled technicians, drawing such a small disk, frequently spent hundreds of hours. Enamel table color is difficult to control, the key is the enamel and mineral.