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same 5040 different feeling

machine No. 3128019,Tudor watches, case No. 4316823,Zenith watches, No. 5040G. About 2006.

< p > 18K white gold, with a calendar function, moon phase, 24 hours indicated and 18K platinum Patek Philippe hidden buckle core types of 240Q.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 43750 CHF

with the same paragraph, Patek Philippe 5040 different feeling

< p > Patek Philippe from 1992 launched a barrel shaped watchcase 5040, although its production life of up to 16 years old (1992-2008), but total output is not large,
HERMES WATCHES, so the market saw the opportunity is not much. Before seen a 5040, is very like, solid gold word, although it is still used in 240 circular core, but disk scale distribution profile is arranged in accordance with the watchcase shape, looks simple and elegant. This is only on the surface of the circular track on the increase in the scale, to tell the truth, I feel a bit strange. However, from the results of the transaction, or someone like it.