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ceramic washable and troubleshooting

< p > ceramic watch to be washable, ceramic watches in the use of the process, due to the time problem,
topwatchbest, in the parts of the oil will with time to dry slowly, it will increase the friction, make parts rotate the resistance increases, leading to the watch the precision drops. There will be dust into the machine, the formation of scale. So the ceramic watches should be washable in use after a period of time.

specific method of

ceramic watch washable and troubleshooting< p > ceramic watches should be washable,Franck Muller Watches, however, this time is how long?? this is cannot treat as the same, different models are not the same, this time is the need to grasp the, high precision tool is cannot always dismounting, this will lead to its own parts concave degree decreased, affecting the normal function. Specific needs of washable is according to case density degree related, the general waterproof watch watchcase density relatively would be better, washable,Tag Heuer Watches, the time should be longer. Of course, this is also a flexible approach, in which we use the process to find the watch is more slowly, or the wind is not enough time to use a long time to take into account the need to clean the gas. This is to ensure the normal use of parts and prolong the lifespan of the most effective way.

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