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"day and night" and "pointer type" mechanical

day and night region

24 when this table shows the same way as the basic principle of the pointer type is the same, but they are more simple and intuitive to set up a day and night display function,www.chrono2u.com, so as to achieve the purpose of 24 hours. They are all from the Kalachakra output power to drive the 24 Kalachakra, just center adjustable device need crown is connected to the drive, making its structure much more complicated. And the central type 24 when the adjustment device is in the form of the crown on both sides of the installation of a fast dial 24 when the pointer to complete.

"day and night" and "pointer type" mechanical watch

, such as a mechanical watch in the center of the position set up 24 time display pointer, and it is printed with AM,Chopard Watches, representing the morning and afternoon, so instead of the traditional 24 figures, in addition to a 24 digital display,Blancpain Watches, this display is the original pointer into a star and the sun’s disc, through it to the stars of the transformation to represent the replacement, but also said the 24 hours of alternating.

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