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crocodile leather strap

< p > strap is expensive than belt, and this is reflected in the crocodile leather strap,
Graham Watches, a original original estimated price estimation in 2000 yuan of above, luxury brands sell 4000-5000 yuan are not unusual. Allegedly crocodile crocodile leather strap is farmed alligator strap for the American alligator, and caiman,
www.wrist4usale.com, before quality as well.

1, caiman and alligators are two different varieties in different growing sites; Crocs,

crocodile strap

< p > 2,
Michele Watches, used in the fabric of the Cayman crocodile skin texture is irregular torus, and alligator is trellis design;

3, Alligator Crocodile Leather is better than Kaimen, Kaimen on a "brittle" crocodile skin;

< p > 4, alligator is more valuable, in the fabric of the best, and its aesthetic value and also the Cayman crocodile leather can not be compared.