The complex function of gift eight Patek Philippe rare treasures _ watch _ auction _ fashio

< p > luxury distinguished Patek Philippe is also the auction the whirlwind of the watch brand, the following editorial we introduced eight rare Patek Philippe auction treasures with complex functions, each a watch virtuosity can make you breathless.

Patek Philippe 5002 model, with certificates and boxes, 2006.

< p > Hide point of very important and rare, 18K white gold double dial watch, with 12 complex functions, including: three questions, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, inverse return calendar, star chart, stars, phases of the moon and the moon orbit, trajectory display.

Valuation: 7200000~12000000

bid price: HK$10068000,; RMB 8231597; NT$38398345.

as early as sixteenth Century, a lot of great ambition watchmakers, have been included in the astronomical watch. Patek Philippe will be mindful of dream to play to the extreme, the creation of the flag since the inception of the peak complex watch representative for – the Patek Philippe sky moon Tourbillon reference 5002. The watch made in 2006, the factory has kept very ideal. This gold super rare and important double platinum dial watch, according to the test is the first time to appear in the auction market platinum styles. Watch with 686 parts to form 12 super complicated mechanical function, including tourbillon, perpetual calendar, the leap year cycle, fly back, three questions, chart the stars, the moon and other celestial bodies locus. This fascinating masterpiece, the annual output of only two, and only for Patek Philippe’s top customer order.

Patek Philippe 2481, 1955.

hidden point introduced: unique design, 18K red gold wrist watch, distribution center and the second "Lighthouse" filigree enamel dial.

Valuation: 1600000~2400000

bid price: HK$3140000; RMB 2567264; 11975646

NT$< p > in Patek Philippe numerous historical works, equipped with mid second hand and filigree enamel dial the pink gold, the lighthouse 2481 types, was recognized as has always been one of the pieces of the largest wrist watch. Watches available in 1950. The filigree enamel dial design, citing the brand leadership in aesthetics, technology and rarity. 40 to 50 years in the last century, Patek Philippe had only production for a few brief time displays watch,, and with splendid, composition and meticulous filigree enamel dial the works is very few are generally depiction map or forest, or similar to the auction of the lighthouse in the pattern. Like this gold auction as well, without any defect or damage,, will really be called "

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