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How to deal with the

after the rupture of


glass will lead to serious damage, the watch is not sealed, thus affecting the waterproof function. From the watch glass material, vintage watches that plastic glass will not appear crack, and mineral glass on the table, especially popular now sapphire crystal glass is more prone to breakage. Photos of the Rolex watch is a typical can see it completely burst, and rupture of the damaged surface is inward (toward the table disk), glass debris covered dial. If you encounter this kind of situation must make a prompt decision to take measures immediately, the measures are as follows:

How to deal with the

after the

watch glass

(1) pull out the table to let the watch stop,

(2) can not dial the needle, nor can it be adjusted calendar.

(3) watch flat on flat (best glass),, until the clock repair shop to keep the posture of the wrist watch.

(4) there is no violent vibration and shaking.

(5) told the watch repair shop,, in the demolition and repair, pay attention not to let the glass debris and dial and hands.

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