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is now the collection,, it is not as boundless as the sea and sky, the pack. Since the famous old brand new goods be nothing difficult,, rare, also can make the young nobles scramble for the royal family in europe. Monaco Leini AI Royal that several not easy the princess and the prince all watch connoisseurs and buyers. Relied on them from France and Switzerland, very close to the convenience, often shuttle between the Three Kingdoms, get good table block Kexin, than the ZA change clothes also easy to do.

Royal watches Pinnacle: Breguet series

queen of Naples

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!< p > the queen of Naples (Reine de Naples) series watch name to Napoleon’s sister Carolina & middot; Murat (Caroline Murat). Carolina & middot; Murat alive bought 34 Breguet table, one of the most outstanding is Breguet created in 1812 a built-in thermometer hit spring meter. This was fixed on the gold woven strap on the watch to become the world’s first watch. Now the birth of this watch has been going on for nearly two centuries, Breguet for the introduction of the memorial as Reine de Naples series of senior jewelry watches.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > if you want to give my wife or girlfriend to buy a watch, "the queen of Naples" series of watches is quite good,, rare egg shaped, diamond, pearl Pinctada veliger more rare is the Bijou rare lunar phases and energy display. No more than 5 pieces of the "Queen of Naples" appeared in the international auction market for several years.