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< p > auction is a major bright spot,
Glashuette Original Sixties Watches, is a possession of a hand? Magnificent royal presentation musical fan music fan, Prince Ferdinand of Gotha and Saxe-Coburg gift to the vicomte de Morais, Geneva Piguet & amp; captopril in about 1810 product.

Lot Piguet 189 – &

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< p > this is a very rare, gorgeous gold enamel painted porcelain painting inlaid pearls music fan, possession of a hand? And visible rose trimmed? Balance, the fan to watercolor and gold paint. This important gold enamel music fan is the existence of three known only with hand and music fan?. Fan is very fine gorgeous, like other 19th Century Geneva? Made Trolltech and exotic valuables, the fan has been the exclusive royalty and the upper class.


189 / Valuation: 300000 – 500000 Swiss Franc

< p > "we collect some very rare and special auction, such as Rolex Rolex Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller submariner prototypes and royal presentation fan fan,
Glashuette Original Watches, which really very exciting and we are proud to present in Antiquorum an Antiquorum auction will," Antiquorum an Antiquorum,
Tudor watches, President and chief executive officer Evan Zimmermann said. "So Zhong? Auction of historical importance and a series of patekphilippe Patek Philippe watches and other senior Zhong, no doubt, the auction will is not to be missed a rare machine met.