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Calibre de Cartier

multi time zone Watch

travelers must – Cartire de Cartier Calibre for a long time zone watch

people have long realized that different regions of the sunrise and sunset time is not the same, for example, when Beijing is at noon 12,, London is the morning of 4. When the distance is no longer a problem of communication, the problem of time is highlighted. 1884, Washington held the international meridian conference, the world is officially divided into 24 time zones, countries from then on the use of world time. At the same time, the watch business launched a fierce competition, trying to develop a watch that can display time zone time. Cartire is no exception. A leader in the field of the twenty-first session of the Geneva Watch Fair debut of Calibre de Cartier called the multi time zone watch. This is a traveler must be worthy of the name watches, Cartire also gave the business travel gift. This watch a total of three major highlights:


is a legible multi time zone display.

Calibre de Cartier

for a long time zone watch, for travelers to provide all of the practical information, watch the center of the sun and moon symbol of the sun and moon symbol day and night, indicating the time of departure, the main indicator of the time to watch the destination.

second highlights is the side of the city’s city indicator.

you can zoom through the side of the magnifying glass to show that this design can avoid the inconvenience caused by the excessive number of dial indicator. Just press the switch button, you can read the time of the 24 cities in the time zone, each press the button to display the city and the corresponding time, as well as the corresponding time between the city and travel.

Finally, a

Calibre de Cartier innovation highlights the long watches have summer and winter time conversion function. Implemented daylight saving time in five months, only transitions between urban instruction disk read in different time can be implemented daylight saving time and winter.

< p > so convenient ingenious features are derived in calibre de cartier watches a strong core of 9909 MC type automatic winding mechanical movement. 9909 MC type of movement is entirely made by Cartire research and development and manufacturing,, is Cartire’s senior watch series with multiple time zone function of the movement, but also a design for the traveler’s movement, with multiple time zones,, city display, (starting) day / night and time difference indicator.

Strong > not only within the core,, calibre de Cartier multi watch appearance is unforgettable, it has cartier watches all the classic elements: Roman numerals, "minute track" scale, blue steel hands and Cabochon sapphires. 45 mm case very male just.