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Rolex oyster Series Gold strap machine’s

< p > history, many of the alchemists, have tried to through some means to make synthetic gold cheaper to obtain profits, therefore has accumulated gold to add the different elements of different texture and color effect of experience.

< p > and standard of 18K gold, the color slightly red 18K pink gold, pink gold) has a different title red gold, red gold, rose gold, rose gold), and because it was in the early 19th century popular in Russia and the name of Russia (Russian gold. The composition is generally 750 thousand pure gold and 250 thousand of electrolytic copper, with strong ductility, high hardness, not easy to deformation or scrape injury and color changeable characteristics. The latter is especially benefited from the change in the composition of the alloy if added to the silver, the color will be lighter, the more the more silver, the more light red. When the content of silver increased to 10%, copper content back to about 15%,, the color will be relatively light or partial powder. Now, people have become accustomed to define chromaticity changes 3N gold powder (component for 75% pure gold and 13% silver and 12% copper), 4N gold powder (component for 75% pure gold plus 9% silver and 16% copper), 5N gold powder (component for 75% gold and 4.5% silver and 20.5% copper) with different numbers. It can be seen that the addition of silver and copper more, the color is also more and more partial red.


SERPENTI series of quartz watch,, 18kt rose gold case,, inlaid round brilliant diamonds.

addition, the most likely to cause people to misunderstand is 18K platinum. Although the color is generally difficult to distinguish from stainless steel, platinum,, etc., but it is still a kind of 18K gold, but its composition has a slightly different. The gold proportion is 750 per thousand, the other 250 1000 metal, it is often the secret. Vacheron Constantin changed the platinum formula for its men’s watches in 2007. More common platinum component is 75% pure gold and palladium copper 6% and 4% silver and nickel 2.5% 12.5%, then plated with rhodium metal protection, but Vacheron Constantin PD ratio increased to 15%, the expensive action the platinum rhodium plating without can more shiny, the factory also pointed out that this kind of formula will increase its strength, is not easy to be damaged. In fact, with 18K platinum, 18K gold is also prone to fade phenomenon, so Patek Philippe and Rolex in recent years are propaganda their 18K powder gold formula special, is the so-called "eternal" not fade of new material, in fact, only experts can tell their color and the difference.