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integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

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joint table to stand up and have a future thinking of the brand of traditional ideas for inspiration. In order to achieve the pursuit of perfection and precision technology, performance and style of the brand, Maserati Octo is specially equipped with a representative of the exquisite mechanical process of advanced watches movement: GG7800 Calibre. With all kinds of time measurement information display excellent arrangement design, this movement can be in the same type of complex mechanism to maintain its unique nature.

< p > in addition to the 12 o’clock position of the jump out of the window, this series of self movement is also equipped with four inverse jump display Benten fro. A including minutes, date and hour and minute time inverse show jumping, movement of all the complex mechanism all by Bvlgari Le sentier haute Horlogerie workshop personally R & D and manufacturing. Central timing second special configuration to 6 o’clock, to avoid affecting clockwise display Niao Kang C traditional build calibre GG7800 to guide column wheel system control the timing Benten fro. A given movement of top watches the excellent characteristics.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

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have great originality "motor" collocation on the big 45 mm diameter stainless steel case. Start / stop and return to zero time according to the design at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock direction,, closely integrated into the table body, the rich table side of the design. This structure is integrated with the star shaped design lines, carefully crafted to the shape of the crown. Extremely sophisticated mechanical structure, each of the details are echoed with the core principles of Bvlgari and Martha Lahti brand. Pedigree,, technology of complicated Octo Maserati senior watches profound interpretation of lead the top car factory cars create a masterpiece of spirit.

< p > the scale of the ring part of the table, and velum is copying covered with Maserati factory producer of top sports car front front air dam design. So exquisite face plate is carved by Bvlgari enamel (champlevé) technology and processing. Enamel painting need through the ornamental hairpin h stage manufacturing, first of all to carve knife out hollowed surface for painting, then injected into the enamel, grinding, calcination, and polish, each procedure are not careless, was able to create the drow extraordinary velum.

integration of the two top brand essence of Bvlgari Octo Maserati watch

< p > disc shows the overall style of the multi-level effect, with blue background,, the various spiral lines and satin surface polishing treatment, 12 o’clock is 60 minutes scale ring, the date graduation in 6 >