3999 Wyler limited edition Chronograph niche models table watch back _ watch _ auction _ fashion

< p > 2009 business,
www.love4usale.com, stainless steel case, titanium and carbon fiber elements, the limited number 1584/3999, automatic winding 2894-2 movement, case size 53× 43 mm.

forecast price: 27000 – 18000 Hong Kong dollars

including commission price: 18750 Hong Kong dollars

< p > and a watch industry veteran eat when speaking of a niche brand, he believes that small brands to success often rely on limited edition, bengguan he limited how much,
www.time4usale.com, whenever there is a limited often can achieve the desired results.

this WYLER time table is limited, in 2009 the world invested 3999 – but also enough. Shape nor particularly remarkable place, only to be outside of the crown bridge some meaning, also in pointer color under the some Kung Fu,www.wrist4usale.com, this time table is actually very much, since the FP 1185 and ETA 7750 movement,www.onheresale.com, small brands do Chronograph more and more. This table is not to twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars in the commission price transactions, it seems that the name of this limit does not help WYLER how much.