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: a young luxury brand momentum

was able to stride into the new media, perhaps with Hublot young enough about. In several high-end watch brands, Yu ship table is age minimum a: the advent of 1848 in Switzerland,, a reincarnation table creation, (zenith) to Bihaoya is five years younger, and Yu ship table in 1980 after more than a century before the birth. It is only 30 years old, do not need to follow the tradition of the old brand.

Yu ship set up executive social network marketing position in Switzerland, in the Chinese market also plans to search for relevant personnel.

focus on new media

is very important for a young brand that wants to quickly open the market. In 2004, beaver became Hublot CEO go to take office. As a save and omega watches marketing veteran, beaver know, Yu ship must bypass the has hundred years history of the old luxury watches, opening up new markets, he aimed at 25-45 years old young entrepreneurs.

compared to the past luxury watch consumers, they are younger, more like the futuristic design. At the same time, they are accustomed to a group of people in the Internet,, to the United States and the Chinese market, for example, the average age of Internet users in the United States is 40 years, the proportion of Internet users in China 20~40 years is more than 50%.

Hublot: a young luxury brand momentum

Yu ship began very early deployment of new media. In June 2006,, beaver established Hublot TV,, this is the first online TV channel has ever created luxury brands. TV station staff to produce all kinds of news about the brand, and in the global communication.

subsequently, the popularity of social networking sites has changed the way the brand and consumer communication. Beaver will look into this new platform in Switzerland, set up a special charge of social network marketing position. At present, Hublot has 210000 fans on Facebook, and maintained a rapid growth. Beaver said, Hublot in China market also plans to search for relevant personnel.

new media is a major strategy for our future marketing, is very important." Beaver said.

< p > is not only Yu ship table to realize the importance of new media recently internet blowing "luxury style" — high-end brand decision through the Internet directly to Chinese consumers and sales of clothing and bags. Armani Emporio first to make a try, through their own website to start the network sales business; GUCCI (Gucci), Burberry (Group PLC Burberry) and the Italy footwear manufacturers s SpA Tod also said that there are plans to enter China online shopping.