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Phil · Mikkelsen is the choice of Rolex (Rolex) Cellini Slim (Cellini). No amplification of the calendar mirror, thin second hand,www.love4usale.com, no luminous green ghost standard, there is no automatic winding, but there is no sign of oyster shell type and waterproof to a depth of. Phil Mickelson’s this slim Cellini Rolex is some manual movement, with black crocodile leather strap, full of artistic connotation, called the real "graceful elder brother".


table from the name of Beiniuweiduo · Cellini (Benuveto Cellini), sixteenth Century Italy sculptor. He produced a large number of gold and silver industrial products and sculpture works for the French royal family and the rulers of Italy,www.free4usale.com, the technique is highly decorative, artistic skills are excellent. Later generations called him a dramatic romantic artist. Cellini series is in tribute to the great artist. The platinum noble metal shell, low temperature baking enamel surface, white jade,www.bagsbagu.com, never fade. Platinum Rome word scale, slim and sleek shell type and a subtle reveal of the classic OYSTER style,HERMES WATCHES, quite the old style antique Rolex means.

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Rolex’s MILGAUSS is known as the "golf first guy," Adam · Scott’s watch. Now MILGAUSS series of well-known antimagnetic behind Submariner, Explorer and Daytona, but who loved science. The unique Logo is the one and only the lightning shaped Lightening Bolt seconds, there is a small orange arrow tip.

Using oyster case and strap > MILGAUSS, Rolex first antimagnetic basic movement packet soft cover, veliger also uses soft iron is made. Antimagnetic practical value not to mention. Is said to Donald Tsang’s son because of frequent access to the operating room, what to wear a watch every day will be faster or slower for half an hour, and finally to buy MILGAUSS was a great relief to. Magnetic field is also ubiquitous in real life, all kinds of electronic equipment and base station will release the influence of magnetism, many expensive tables are difficult to escape. While Rolex’s MILGAUSS series and engineers, antimagnetic function is quite strong.