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Jaeger Le Coulter: let the lady promotion watch collector

< p > Jaeger LeCoultre for three consecutive years sponsored the Shanghai International Film Festival, the top Swiss watchmaking brand hope with film of the alliance to further expand Womens watch market, let women know Jijia not only complex functional watch, men, women’s romantic side. Jaeger Le Coulter also in 2011 from the same period in for three consecutive years sponsored the Abu Zabi International Film Festival, and the Venice International Film Festival has been working for seven years. Star, Kruger Diane from 2009 since the endorsement of Jaeger Le Coulter, Zhao Wei has become a partner in the world this year to participate in the promotion activities in the world.

Jaeger Le Coulter is currently 35% of consumers are women,http://www.luxury4ubest.com, the future hopes to increase this ratio to 40-45%, and even higher. Jaeger Le Coulter China chief executive officer Zhang Kai said Jaeger Le Coulter would like to attract more and more of a taste, understand the table of female consumers, not just the appearance of the watch, as well as technology and function. In the Shanghai Film Festival, Jijia the world premiere of the rendez vous dating series of women’s jewelry, watches, with day and night function diamond encrusted styles, but also painted enamel Tourbillon style.

to raise awareness and open more stores is Jaeger Le Coulter’s plans for the next few years in China, Jaeger Le Coulter has 8 stores and 45 retail outlets. However,http://www.wrist4usale.com, Jaeger Le Coulter did not want to become a mainstream top watch brands and the loss of the spirit of the brand.

Jaeger Le Coulter: let the lady promotion watch collector

< p > reverso and masters series has been the Jaeger’s best selling series, price of 5-8 million air bell become Jaeger LeCoultre watch sales often associated with the sales of the products.

in addition, Jaeger Le Coulter also launched a number of entry level for the mass market for women. Hope for those who already have a tank Solo (2 million) or blue balloons (3.8 million), constellation (2.9 million) and hippocampus (4 million), the Rolex Oyster Perpetual (3.8 million) or log type (4.6 million), these brand entry-level styles of consumers.

comparison, Jaeger Le Coulter in the design, brand, cost, process and reputation are the most appropriate one of the upgrade brand.

first, Jaeger Le Coulter watch is all machinery,http://www.salewatchstore.com, is a symbol of Swiss watch technology advanced. From the design, the square table represents the elegant, classic and unique. Reverso style,http://www.salehublot.com, has been reversed for 80 years, said that both can be identified, but also has the time to test the United states.