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editor: Frank Muller 4 SAISONS DM 4 SAI BAG 42 series CD watch ,

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Double Mystery is the first neither clockwise nor minute watch. Dial is composed of two separately according to different rotating disk,, on the one hand shows the unique to this series of watches the pure beauty, on the other hand can still accurately reading time. Behind this complex functional watch, is a great genius dial device. In the past, only a handful of tabulation has made such an attempt, and they are mostly just from the visual aspects rather than machinery to work.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


‘s Frank Muller watch full of magnificent imagination?. Dial to disk for inspiration, to break the "pointer" often form, make reading fun time. The dazzling color stones around the dial, forming a bright color ring like a rainbow, the mood immediately. Watch the FM 800 automatic movement, power storage for 42 hours, 42mm large dial so watch more fashionable. Watchcase and Dial Diamond flicker strangely beautiful, but does not affect the Cintré e Curvex lines of the harmonious and elegant,, restrained or circular watchcase calm. Hidden in this elegant appearance, is a mysterious complex mechanical function.