And the four yuan in manual chain [with] watch election recommended _ watch _ famous shopping guide

Mido (Medoc) BARONCELLI (Baroncelli) series M007,click here.207.36, watch

< p > brief: the wristwatch case diameter of only 33 mm, apparently for ladies watch, I believe love table lady friends will face the wrist this section has alone bell,, because it has the acceptable price, with its unique design people feast for the eyes; manually on the chain of mechanical pleasure can let us listen to gear intertwined wonderful notes.

Hamilton (Hamilton) Field (field) series H69619333 watch

< p > brief: a man’s exclusive weapon, 44 mM case diameter will watch the atmosphere to reveal, the stainless steel material to build the case and crown, from the material will have more advantages; collocation of grass green canvas strap has become the novelty of the watch,, I believe love fashion men friends this will be more interested in.