Fashion a sister settled interpretation of Fan Bingbing three Dachang synthetic Dress watch scheming

< p > Fan Bingbing in the fashion industry has been a high-profile work,, low-key man, wearing a gorgeous dress to attend the red carpet more each year to become the required course. Fortunately, Kung Fu an observant and conscientious person, Fan Bingbing in fashion in the international status has been shrunk. The airborne China Fashion Week, it is the title of the fashion a sister!

< p > in the Fan Bingbing’s climb to the top of the road,, not only have to pay hard, more the again and again can load modeling "collection fashion" of China and the United States. The following editorial on Fan Bingbing in the red carpet, brand activities, life three occasions watch match for everyone to read Fan Bingbing become key of fashion and a sister!

are the "red carpet show",click here;


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on the red carpet show, Fan Bingbing is not lost. Regardless of is Marchesa haute couture pieces of red satin dress, or purple gradient Versace high custom dress, or sends out the rich flavor of the Chinese porcelain like dresses, Fan Bingbing as can easily twist. "Fan Ye" in place, can always moments "spike" other star, the audience becomes the focus! That powerful aura had to let people impressed. In order to make amazing points, diamond watch naturally became the first choice of


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!< p > watch seems to have become a Fan Bingbing in the red carpet show is the most favorite choice. We can always in the Fan Bingbing’s body discovered Chopin traces. Diamond watch always gorgeous too is hard to look but exciting! In the 65th Cannes International Film Festival Fan Bingbing wears this Chopard ‘s 2012 Red Carpet Collection watch let her seemed otherworldly fairy, over drilling in the ornate style, it is only far view not disrespectful plays.


PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,,


diamond watch always gorgeous and hard to open, but the "daily wear hand foot light". So it was a good choice to attend the dinner at the dinner party. The fluorescent color makes you very eye-catching, in emphasizing quality and temperament of the dinner, will make you win cheers.