Fan Ye will restore ancient ways of exactly how and when small fresh encounter Vintage Leather table

Fan Bingbing model: fresh retro ,

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recently, Fan Bingbing for the week of the cover of the 223rd. The cover photo in the Fan Ye dressed in Vuitton2013 Louis spring and summer series of green long skirt collocation retro style of the full,luxury swiss watch, there is a sense of literary and art. Let Fan Bingbing put his arms around the position without losing the overall look beautiful pleasant demeanor.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > Edit recommend this watch backing is not small, 1904, this kind of is Brazilian Aviator Santos Dumont gift gift. In the design of small screws has now become a characterization of the representative meaningful modern temperament, elegant simplicity of the geometric modeling, retro feeling full design, bold powerful lines, very suitable for Fan Ye so tough women.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,,


deep green is a highly saturated color system, it can highlight the female’s mature temperament. Into the metal accessories do collocation, you can leave a retro charm. Coupled with rigid stainless steel watch, from time to time revealing a woman frankness, subversion feminine beauty, let a person feel a new flavor. Cartire wrist watch series Santos as the most beautiful of this elegant painting period.