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editor: the super complex function time series 5002P watch ,

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!< p > Patek Philippe in October 2000 on the 5th, the grand launch of the star caliber 2000, as one of the history of the most complex structure of the pocket watch. After less than six months, Patek Philippe in Geneva workshop successfully in the form of a watch, made a new grand complication timepiece – Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002,. This table is Patek Philippe has produced the most complicated watches, is also the first in the table shows the night watch back double graph.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,


Sky Moon Tourbillon shows the astral orbit of the moon, the moon phases, activities,, and time to display sidereal time. Large 42.8 mm is also the maximum aperture diameter of the Patek Philippe,luxury swiss watch, device 686 precision components, with 12 kinds of complex function, positive dial including Tourbillon and equipped with church bells sound spring three minute repeater, calendar, reverse pointer calendar, abaxially by three overlapping table stone glass turntable, the self rotate at different speeds, showing sky map of the northern hemisphere, depict the star, month running, Sirius transit time, orbit of the moon and the moon phase,, watch enthusiasts hailed as one of the world’s imperial table.