Moist jade lasu white porcelain painted dial _ limited edition watch _ auction _ fashion wa

as a jade white porcelain painted dial Limited Edition

< p > the high-temperature kiln firing and white painted porcelain dial with texture strong, color lasting characteristics,, texture like Guangrun suet. Delicate white painted porcelain dial Mason made glashutte, unique style, the perfect performance of the different types of artistic style, Huo Luo Er special style of customs figures and Kakiemon style of tiger and plum blossom theme.

moist jade lasu white porcelain painted dial Limited Edition


white porcelain dial and painted enamel dial,, with high artistic value. The whole world can manufacture painted enamel dial watch factory has a number of manufacturing,, and white porcelain dial only Mason a porcelain factory. Mason porcelain factory have lasu Meter Factory Limited produced many different themes of the dial. The themes of these themes are mostly in the form of "Schultz" (Codex Schulz).

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