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Beijing Chinese Tourbillon series through the FN III watch


watch through FN III watch, the oil sand silver dial design, 42 mm stainless steel case build. Stainless steel bracelet collocation. Watch the 6 o’clock position is provided with a hollow tourbillon device, watch the 9 o’clock direction with you pick a date display pointer, 1 o’clock direction for power reserve display pointer.

watch series: Chinese Tourbillon series

movement type: manual on the chain

case material: stainless steel

braceletstuff: stainless steel

case diameter: 42 mm

domestic price: $48000

Hampton (Han Burton Series) MOA08841 watch

< p > a brief review on watch: watch with 18k rose gold to build, 43 mm large surface diameter,, pure black dial design,, watch the 6 o’clock position with independent small seconds disc, 9 o’clock position tourbillon device. Watch equipped with WB-T 002 manual winding machine. Watch collocation Handmade Black Crocodile Leather Strap,, 30 meters waterproof watch.

watch series: Hampton (Han Burton Series)

movement type: manual mechanical

18K rose gold case material:

braceletstuff: crocodile

case diameter: 43 mm

domestic price: $279000 here have replica watches sale


top four cheats



watch table mirror, waterproof cover, put on the first waterproof apron and corresponding to the standard. All waterproof sheets are marked with "RESISTANT WATER" or "PROOF WATER" on the bottom. No mark can only watch waterproof dustproof, should avoid water. 30 meters (3atm, that is three atmospheres) water table can be used for daily grooming or rain, namely, water drop only splash on the surface and no water pressure exerted on the table on. 50 meters waterproof table can be applied to swimming and general housework, 100 meters waterproof table can be used for swimming and diving,, etc..

top watch four maintenance

.< p > waterproof aprons aging can watch waterproof performance, so watch waterproof apron and head (containing a waterproof ring) according to use needs to be replaced regularly. The quartz watch should be replaced at the same time to change the battery, to ensure that the waterproof performance is good.

any FangShuiBiao shoulds not be wearing a hot bath,, sauna or the great changes in environment temperature in use. Because the waterproof apron will be affected by temperature expansion and contraction are void and accelerate aging and cause water and table of hydrometeor,, serious will make parts damage. here have replica watches sale


Several methods of

in the repair of

< p > know watch knowledge rarely, because this watch repaired by fraud thing is not very fresh things, customer complaints are also quite a number. Of course,, the table is broken, in order to achieve a satisfactory repair and reasonable price. How to prevent a sudden introduction below in the table is black cheated several methods:

: a way to examine and repair the Qing overweight,, must repair master table on a good price, then the table and handed it to him.

Several methods to avoid being cheated in the repair of

< p > 2: do not repair, don’t trust what promise "Lidengkequ", due to check Yankan and walked carefully check is an indispensable link in the watch repair, may not not through the study on the reliability of watch lucky, immediately delivered to the customer.

three: try to choose those good credit or table stores in large stores, large stores have a control on the individual’s repair shop.

approach four: be sure not to easily believe that the advertising table shop, check their repair table equipment and table oil,, you can let him take out the table oil to see, not a 4~5 kind of oil above you do not in his. here have replica watches sale

interpretation of cool fashion fashion watch series Frank Muller Black Croco

< p > from Geneva senior watch brand Franck Muller (Franck Muller) and a painstaking masterpiece – Black Croco series a by the advent of, namely because of its unique fashion stylish is favored. As the table altar rare dazzling masterpiece, breaking the will be creative,, unique and stylish blend,
Tudor watches, become a veritable fashion watch index.

interpretation of cool fashion fashion watch series Frank Muller Black Croco

< p > black Croco tourbillon, crazy time and automatic watch are in the classic brand Cintré new e Curvex barrel shaped watchcase play translation, amazing creative design will crocodile leather strap pattern extending all the way to the case and veliger, let the relevance between the strap and watch more coordination, not only to create stunning new visual effect,, and make Cintré e Curvex Series in the elegant add avant-garde fashion sense, and fit the wrist of curved lines,, so watch wearing more comfortable. sale on replica watch

Jaeger Le Coulter: let the lady promotion watch collector

< p > Jaeger LeCoultre for three consecutive years sponsored the Shanghai International Film Festival, the top Swiss watchmaking brand hope with film of the alliance to further expand Womens watch market, let women know Jijia not only complex functional watch, men, women’s romantic side. Jaeger Le Coulter also in 2011 from the same period in for three consecutive years sponsored the Abu Zabi International Film Festival, and the Venice International Film Festival has been working for seven years. Star, Kruger Diane from 2009 since the endorsement of Jaeger Le Coulter, Zhao Wei has become a partner in the world this year to participate in the promotion activities in the world.

Jaeger Le Coulter is currently 35% of consumers are women,, the future hopes to increase this ratio to 40-45%, and even higher. Jaeger Le Coulter China chief executive officer Zhang Kai said Jaeger Le Coulter would like to attract more and more of a taste, understand the table of female consumers, not just the appearance of the watch, as well as technology and function. In the Shanghai Film Festival, Jijia the world premiere of the rendez vous dating series of women’s jewelry, watches, with day and night function diamond encrusted styles, but also painted enamel Tourbillon style.

to raise awareness and open more stores is Jaeger Le Coulter’s plans for the next few years in China, Jaeger Le Coulter has 8 stores and 45 retail outlets. However,, Jaeger Le Coulter did not want to become a mainstream top watch brands and the loss of the spirit of the brand.

Jaeger Le Coulter: let the lady promotion watch collector

< p > reverso and masters series has been the Jaeger’s best selling series, price of 5-8 million air bell become Jaeger LeCoultre watch sales often associated with the sales of the products.

in addition, Jaeger Le Coulter also launched a number of entry level for the mass market for women. Hope for those who already have a tank Solo (2 million) or blue balloons (3.8 million), constellation (2.9 million) and hippocampus (4 million), the Rolex Oyster Perpetual (3.8 million) or log type (4.6 million), these brand entry-level styles of consumers.

comparison, Jaeger Le Coulter in the design, brand, cost, process and reputation are the most appropriate one of the upgrade brand.

first, Jaeger Le Coulter watch is all machinery,, is a symbol of Swiss watch technology advanced. From the design, the square table represents the elegant, classic and unique. Reverso style,, has been reversed for 80 years, said that both can be identified, but also has the time to test the United states. sale on replica watch


Jaeger Le Coulter

enamel table

what enamel table?

is a simple language, or a watch dial is in the cover and back, watch inlaid with enamel craft. Investigate the enamel materials,, slightly on the material science knowledge of people all know, attached to these basic ingredients of enamel on metal and porcelain objects are mainly quartz, feldspar, borax and oxide, and daily glass belonging to the similar material. Visible material is not rare, but after a skilled craftsman and one elegant Mingyan enamel table has become a rare art Jiapin. But the enamel table boils down to the table, the table of the process is the value, enamel craft is just on the table value sublimation, if the table itself inferior without China, enamel craft exquisite also calls not to get the top grade.

Hermes enamel table

plain enamel

< p >,, just as its name implies, is the whole enamel is a color, such enamel table making up is not imagination of so simple, pure natural pure word, so defects and variegated are plain enamel rival. There are three kinds of plain enamel, black, white and transparent color. Among these,
HERMES WATCHES, black and white is the color of a higher degree of difficulty, to the pursuit of such extreme color, it must to layers of numerous repeated glazed firing repeatedly, so that the color out to achieve high standards of purity. The transparent color in the enamel firing after the success can also be carved on the plain, let the enamel does not seem dull. sale hublot watch


2010,, Vacheron Constantin to 1003 models of the movement for the prototype to launch a more optimized movement design, thickness 1.64 mm, 21.10 mm in diameter. At the same time, the movement more decorative plywood and the main plate magnificent; ornate; fascinating, placed in 18K made of gold.

began in 1980s,L. Leroy Watches, gold watches began to enter the heyday, the brand is no longer just the pursuit of making their own gold coins, in the style and exquisite decoration craft enough time. Chopin and Kunlun are at this time to produce a series of work of the clock is a masterpiece of gold watches, in particular, Kunlun has also broken the traditional gold table design concept, will be $20 gold coins, with sapphire glass as a mirror, so that the practicality and durability of gold coins have been improved in a step. Juvenia produced a hollow core gold table will be superb skills and beautifully carved fusion in a body, is typical of a new generation of gold in the table.

< p > although now still in the production and sale of gold brand is less and less, but in those days a masterpiece of later watches the development has a more or less can be destroyed. You can from today Breguet, Parmigiani watches money decoration, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Earl, Vacheron Constantin ultra-thin movement of a clue, even some jewelry brands are in with the introduction of a coin elements or encrusted coin jewelry.


gold watch

< p > Eska is specialized in the production of gold table factory, a reputation as the father of gold, is Tibetan gold table production patent owners. It is said that at the time of the Patek Philippe, Kunlun, Vacheron Constantin, count and other brands if the production of gold coins,
topwatchbest, we must pay a certain amount of patent fees to Eska. sale hublot watch

Elegant and

brand golf leisureRolex

Phil · Mikkelsen is the choice of Rolex (Rolex) Cellini Slim (Cellini). No amplification of the calendar mirror, thin second hand,, no luminous green ghost standard, there is no automatic winding, but there is no sign of oyster shell type and waterproof to a depth of. Phil Mickelson’s this slim Cellini Rolex is some manual movement, with black crocodile leather strap, full of artistic connotation, called the real "graceful elder brother".


table from the name of Beiniuweiduo · Cellini (Benuveto Cellini), sixteenth Century Italy sculptor. He produced a large number of gold and silver industrial products and sculpture works for the French royal family and the rulers of Italy,, the technique is highly decorative, artistic skills are excellent. Later generations called him a dramatic romantic artist. Cellini series is in tribute to the great artist. The platinum noble metal shell, low temperature baking enamel surface, white jade,, never fade. Platinum Rome word scale, slim and sleek shell type and a subtle reveal of the classic OYSTER style,HERMES WATCHES, quite the old style antique Rolex means.

leisurely elegant top watch brands and golf

Rolex’s MILGAUSS is known as the "golf first guy," Adam · Scott’s watch. Now MILGAUSS series of well-known antimagnetic behind Submariner, Explorer and Daytona, but who loved science. The unique Logo is the one and only the lightning shaped Lightening Bolt seconds, there is a small orange arrow tip.

Using oyster case and strap > MILGAUSS, Rolex first antimagnetic basic movement packet soft cover, veliger also uses soft iron is made. Antimagnetic practical value not to mention. Is said to Donald Tsang’s son because of frequent access to the operating room, what to wear a watch every day will be faster or slower for half an hour, and finally to buy MILGAUSS was a great relief to. Magnetic field is also ubiquitous in real life, all kinds of electronic equipment and base station will release the influence of magnetism, many expensive tables are difficult to escape. While Rolex’s MILGAUSS series and engineers, antimagnetic function is quite strong. sale hublot watch

ask what watch most worthy of collection, will the enamel table. Watch for lovers, you can have a really good enamel table, a pile. This pure broken by hand to create the time to build the crystallization,, bearing the double charm of culture and art. The daughter is difficult to buy enamel, enamel table is hard to find a table of "is the best interpretation of scarcity".

is now a high tech watch, the role of the people’s role is almost reduced to the lowest level in the history, only the quartz age can be likened to. Most of the table is cold, no popular art atmosphere. Hand painting enamel table, give people a warm feeling,, to enjoy playing.

< p > interested friends to walk around the Geneva Patek Philippe Museum, where possession of twenty or thirty from the 1960s to the 1980s creation of enamel pocket watch. After reading, you will understand why enamel table so expensive, do a calendar Chronograph difficult?? difficult! But compared with the level of shrinkage painted enamel table,, that was too easy. Because of high complex table machine and a person is not difficult to find, and can draw the enamel painting can be counted on one’s fingers.



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Montblanc Nicholas Kay S series memories of carefully crafted time (under) watch watch watch little


Nicholas: the memory of the time (next)

timing process of the cradle

from the Swiss watch city of Geneva drove 3 hours to arrive,, hidden in the valley town of villele watch. In this quiet town, is located in a factory called the United States and China’s resistance to china. Resistance beauty of China is wilier town only a watchmaking factory, its former neighbor propack table factory already relocated to the Jura Mountains on the other side.

MontBlanc Nicholas series: the memory of the hard time (down)

2007,, is the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the MontBlanc table. This year, MontBlanc announced the acquisition of Meinai Huabiao factory, because China is Meinai Swiss chronograph technology museum. Meinai table factory was founded in 1858, has a history of over 150 years. In Swiss watch altar, only a few of the watchmaker to fully grasp the traditional watch manufacturing process, the United States resistant Hua is the one. Us resistant Chinese homemade high inertia big code wheel, gossamer and chronograph movement components, all tabulation by the master personally produced adjustment. Until today, in the United States – China is still operating within the 1.5 century as before in order. In order to inherit the traditional Swiss watchmaking this historical heritage,, Montblanc in 2007 with the United States Anti China Alliance, enable us to bear the Chinese transformation as "the United States resistant Hua senior tabulation technology research", namely Montblanc… Watch factory. The Institute will focus on the ancient watchmaking and complex function generation, training young craftsman tabulation.